Part 1 – The Effects Of Stress On The Body, Mind And Soul

Stress can interfere with your daily life and make it impossible to cope with whatever it is you are facing.
Text by Corina Tan

According to the National Institute of Mental Health in the US, stress is a normal human reaction that happens when the brain and body needs to respond to an external demand. A stressor can be a short-time occurrence that happens one-off, or it can happen repeatedly over a long period of time.

Stress is such a subjective term as what feels stressful for one person may not feel the same for someone else. There are many situations with varying degrees of stress, and how each person is able to handle them may be completely different. Life in general is filled with everyday stressors such as work demands or deadlines, performances in school, a natural disaster, an act of violence, a big life change or a chronic illness.

When you reach a stage where you feel overwhelmed, stress can interfere with your daily life and make it impossible to cope. Eventually, you will find yourself avoiding things and people that make you uncomfortable and if the stressful situation continues, you may then develop some of the symptoms below.


Becoming moody and easily agitated
Feeling like you are losing control
Difficulty relaxing or quieting your mind
Having low self-esteem
Feeling lonely, worthless and depressed
Avoiding things and people


Aches, pains and tense muscles
Digestive issues – diarrhea, constipation, nausea and upset stomach
Chest pain and rapid heartbeat
Frequent infections
Loss of sexual desire or ability
Nervousness and tremors
Ringing in the ears
Cold sweat
Dry mouth
Grinding teeth


Racing thoughts and constant worrying
Forgetfulness and disorganisation
Unable to focus
Being pessimistic
Changes in appetite
Procrastination or avoidance of activities/work
More use of alcohol, cigarettes and substance abuse as coping mechanisms

A little stress every now and again is manageable but long-term stress can reach chronic levels and cause serious health problems such as:

Anxiety disorder
Personality disorders
High blood pressure
Cardiovascular disease
Obesity and other eating disorders
Menstrual problems
Sexual dysfunction
Skin problems – eczema, psoriasis, acne etc.
Hair loss
Gastrointestinal issues

Although stress is a part of life, what matters most is what you do to prevent and manage it. Perhaps Give your home an industrial chic makeover with this distressed wallpaper.

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