Building a new Malaysia - The way forward

Building a new Malaysia – The way forward

You say you want a revolution…

It has been a few months now and the newly minted government has a lot of promises to fulfil. Archaic laws, obsolete operating procedures and outdated ways of thinking that plagued the thought process of the nations’ past decision makers now need to step aside for more progressive ways. A new Malaysia needs to rise now, not just with new laws, but also with a new, refreshed thought process for its people. The election outcome raises the possibility that Malaysia could finally start to tackle some of the institutional problems that are holding back the country’s long-run prospects. In the whole spirit of Merdeka and to find out what are some of the things that people of this country need to liberate themselves from, we spoke to a cross section of noted figures in local society, and take a closer look into their hopes and thoughts about the coming of a brand-new Malaysia.

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