Royal Selangor and The Balvenie in a celebration of craftsmanship

Royal Selangor and The Balvenie in a celebration of craftsmanship

Malaysia’s very own Royal Selangor has created a handcrafted masterpiece with the just-revealed The Balvenie Ultra Limited-Edition Collector’s Box

When it comes to the finer things in life, age is frequently a virtue. But perhaps many also forget that there’s always also strength in character, to round things off nicely… Such, perhaps, is the case with Royal Selangor’s The Balvenie Ultra Limited-Edition Collector’s Box, launched recently in Malaysia and Singapore in a cross-border Zoom event.

Celebrating a passion for craftsmanship with a limited-edition collector’s box and a selection of exquisite rare whisky, both brands are also rich in proud heritage after doing what they do best for more than a century now.

The Balvenie, through the hands of its dedicated craftsmen, from the farmers and malt men to the coopers and malt master, have always proudly claimed a high level of craftsmanship as the distillers of fine Scotch since 1892. So, perhaps this fine collaboration between this award-winning Speyside single malt whisky and the world’s foremost name in quality pewter since 1885 is a match made in heaven.

With the hard work of over 250 skilled craftsmen and a 40-strong in-house design team, Royal Selangor has certainly given birth to the ultra-limited-edition collector’s box for a unique and rare ensemble of Scotch. This consists of a box of gorgeous high-grade walnut wood encased in handmade pewter decorated with Royal Selangor’s signature hand-hammered finish, which ensures that every box is unique. Each individually number box take six painstaking days to complete.

Three signature bottles can be housed within the box, and collectors can choose from The Balvenie expressions which are 30 years and above, with a minimum value purchase of £32,700 to complete their custom limited edition collector’s box. Only 15 of the Collector’s Box are available.

Only 15 sets of Royal Selangor's The Balvenie Ultra Limited-Edition Collector’s Box will be available

Only 15 sets of Royal Selangor’s The Balvenie Ultra Limited-Edition Collector’s Box will be available

“This part of The Balvenie’s Handcrafted By campaign. And yes, craftsmanship requires skill, and ultimate craftsmanship requires a combination of skill and hard work,” reveals Brett Bayly, the Regional Brand Ambassador at William Grant & Sons. “The Balvenie believes this is worth celebrating as the value of the human hand gives us an edge over the automated world we all operate in today.”

Meanwhile, Royal Selangor Marketing Executive Director, Chen Tien Yue, couldn’t agree more. “In some ways, this has been the perfect collaboration for our two brands. These are two unique brands, representing two very different industries and these differences certainly made this collaboration interesting. Yet, we have a lot in common too, as craftsmanship is a core value that has been an unwavering focus for both over 100 years now. And yes, these similar values have been beautifully captured in this Collector’s Box that we’ve just unveiled.”

Royal Selangor and The Balvenie’s collaboration has also extended to a series of gift packs, featuring the 12 Year Old DoubleWood, 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask and 17 Year Old DoubleWood single malts. All come with a delicately handcrafted pewter based whisky glass and will be available for a limited time beginning January 2020 in selected retailers.

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