All's a glitter this season with Royal Selangor

All’s a glitter this season with Royal Selangor

Royal Selangor presents a fine selection of gifts to usher in this special time

What? You’re still not done shopping for prezzies? Fortunately, even at this awfully late hour, one can still count on Royal Selangor’s extensive and gorgeous pewter collection to get out of this quandary!

There’s no time to waste then! Get ready to begin a journey with Royal Selangor now and get set to craft some wonderful memories this festive season with its exquisite range of handpicked gifts and lifestyle accessories that’s just waiting for some fancy gift-wrap…

Quality Time with the Family

Holiday time means lots of fun, shared activities like mealtimes or classic games like chess together! So, why not help loved ones get into the spirit of celebration with Royal Selangor’s adorable Bunnies’ Day Out Aloha Cutlery Set and the Ribbon Child’s Mug. Just the thing to get them into the mood for delicious Christmas treats! And once the eating’s done, relax and enjoy each other’s company over a game of chess using the medieval-themed Lewis Chess Set.

Amplify the Joyful Sounds of Celebration

At first glance, the Phonos Acoustic Mobile Phone Sound Amplifier doesn’t quite look the part, but one soon discovers that it is more than a pretty paperweight! It actually functions as an acoustic accessory that amplifies sounds from your smartphone. Shaped almost like a small metal egg cut in half, the centre of this ‘shell’ houses a wooden dock for your smartphone to sit within. There’s also an aperture that allows the smartphone’s charging cable through, so you can charge your device while it plays music or allow for a phone call to take place in speakerphone mode. How about that for an ace gift?

Dawn of the Desktop Dinos

Nothing like a set of miniature prehistoric creatures to bring back fond memories from the days gone by, yes? But this set of dinos are definitely not toys… Instead, the Saurus Collection is actually a useful stationery set in disguise that will definitely bring out the kid in even the most serious of punters. This wonderful collection consists of a sharpener, a magnifying glass, a measuring tape, a name card holder and a container that holds all these items neatly on one’s desk or workstation.

Bring Me My Grub!

The weeks of ‘at home’ time continues, but now that the festive season is upon us, perhaps there will be a distinct change in the type of cooking then? And festive delicacies obviously warrant more exciting silverware… This is when the sleek colonial American-style Burke Tray or the equally exquisite Goldsborough Valet Tray from The British Museum Collection will come in handy. These shiny pieces of serving hardware ought to be more than a match for just about any kind of festive delights one may be planning to serve guests.

A Toast to New Beginnings!

The New Normal may mean that celebrations at the bar will have to be a tad muted this time around, but one will still need a full range of bar accessories to get by, regardless! The Bar Collection parlays the exuberant architectural, interiors and graphic design style of the mid 20th century into an array of suave bar accessories to make any kind of celebrations – whether it is a cocktail among close friends or a celebratory toast among family – into something that’s not so easily forgotten.

A Potter Kind of Christmas?

Looks like Royal Selangor has teamed up with Warner Bros Consumer Products to capture the fun, nostalgic and beloved Harry Potter franchise through an array of collectibles and accessories for the true wizards out there just in time for Christmas! Now available in physical stores and online, items like the Limited-Edition Golden Snitch replica is gilded in 24K gold and is limited to only 1,000 pieces, while the thrilling Triwizard tournament is commemorated with the Goblet of Fire replica, limited to just 3,000 pieces worldwide. Need we mention for you to hurry while stocks last?

Time for Solemn Reflection

Sense is the latest mix media lifestyle collection that is designed to promote peace and relaxation, taking inspiration from Japanese raked stone gardens, ripples on water, soothing sounds and gentle aromas. Thus, the collection consists primarily of tea accessories and standing bell, and is perhaps the perfect addition to your morning ritual of focus and reflection.

Heavenly Sign

Amongst the most beautiful of the universe’s many wonders, the arms of a spiral galaxy are reproduced here in the coil and twist of a wheel of fine pewter. This is amongst the key highlights of the outstanding Cosmos Stemware collection. Just the kind of chalice one would want to use in a toast to all that’s good, true and beautiful as a closing gesture to this year, and a prelude to promises of the next one.

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