Royal Selangor's New Celestial Wisdom Collection Exudes The Wisdom of Confucius And His Disciples

Royal Selangor’s New Celestial Wisdom Collection Exudes The Wisdom of Confucius And His Disciples

A word to the wise.

Known for his many revered philosophical tenets and ideas that even present day society adheres to, Confucius is heralded as a man of the people. His teachings on ethics have earned him the title of The Great Teacher and Sage.

Royal Selangor brings the teachings of Confucius to life with Celestial Wisdom based on private sculptures of Confucius and his five most ardent followers created by Mr Chiang Yi-tze .

To have Confucius into your home is to embody his spirit, to work hard through the present or embark on a new chapter in your life. The sculpture also inspires us to look at Confucius’s teachings of kindness, loyalty and empathy, all key elements of his teachings.

The Celestial Wisdom collection also includes his disciples – Yanhui, Minsun, Ranyong, Duanmu Ci and Zhongyou, each representing an ideal. Yanhui, the most senior, held a deep love for learning and achieving higher knowledge. His optimism and passion for education is an example to all.

Minsun, also known as Ziqian, was a particular favourite of the philosopher for his emphasis on familial love. For a respected mentor or family member, Minsun would be the ideal companion as well a strong symbol of your regard for the receiver. Third of Confucius’s disciples is Ranyong, who was regarded as being fit to rule a state, holding onto his integrity even as a public figure. Ranyong makes the perfect gift for anyone in positions of leadership or management.

The final two disciples are Zhongyou, who was in equal parts truthful, valiant and loyal. Zhongyou was a hunter and the courage he possessed is one that can easily move mountains. Finally, there is Duanmu Ci, the diplomat. Benevolent yet intelligent, businesspeople are drawn to Duanmu Ci’s intellectual acuity and eloquence. Wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes in Royal Selangor’s Celestial Wisdom collection.

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