Belmond Unveils New Luxury Suites On The Venice Simplon-Orient Express

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express now unveils a new cabin category on board this Belmond train, with eight new suites joining the rake from June 2023.
Text by Corina Tan

Embarking on its first voyage in the 1920’s, the Venice Simplon-Orient Express signalled a new era and an iconic moment of travel which inspired socialites, artists and actors alike. With a history of hosting famed parties and intriguing guests, amongst them royalty, ambassadors, authors and even spies, journeys on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express have developed a reputation for memorable connections. Made over fine dining and late-night toasts, guests then and now are surrounded by unrivalled furnishings, marquetry design and legendary artefacts with stories of their own.

Today, the two original 1920s cabins have been restored by expert French craftsmen and designers who have reimagined the spaces on board the train whilst maintaining their golden era of travel look and feel. The design immerses guests in an experience that bridges the trains iconic history and modern comfort, inviting guests to lay in new plush furnishings, fresh linens and refurbished handcrafted furniture. Historical references infused with rich layering of interiors creates a haven to savour quiet moments travelling across Europe.

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express now unveils a new cabin category on board this Belmond train, with eight new suites joining the rake from June 2023. These highly anticipated new suites are expected to bring new heights of luxury and comfort to the legendary train, adding a new expression of opulence while retaining the historically respected and cared for craftsmanship of the 1920s and 1930s.

The new suites will offer a trio of cabin categories to suit every traveller with the beautiful added benefit of a private marble ensuite bathroom as well as lounging area by day, converted to double or twin beds by night. For the epitome of luxury, a stay in a Grand Suite comes with a private en-suite bathroom and shower, double beds that can convert into twin beds, as well as a living area from which to enjoy the delights of private dining experiences, 24-hour cabin service and free-flowing champagne. Whilst the Historic Cabins exude timelessness, magically transforming from day time lounge into cosy upper and lower berth beds at night.

Paying homage to the exceptional journeys of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the suites are inspired by the dramatic landscapes which unfold through the train’s picturesque windows. With this as the starting point of inspiration, the French craftsmen are influenced by four different designs: La Campagne (the countryside), Les Montagnes (the mountains), Les Lacs (the lakes), and La Forêt (the forest).

Each Suite will immerse guests in diverse European scenery through glorious colours, patterns and textures. Plush fabrics and furnishings will channel famed Art Deco designers, such as Majorelle, Dufrene, Leleu, Rousseau, Prou and Lalique. The interiors are a celebration of European landscapes and the surrounding abundance of nature; the arable plains with their swathes of vineyards, the ancient forests of central Europe, the sharp rise of mountain ranges and smooth glacial lakes.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express travels through Europe – Czech Republic (Prague), France (Paris and Cannes), Italy (Florence, Venice, Rome and Verona) Austria (Vienna and Innsbruck), Hungary (Budapest), Romania (Bucharest), Switzerland (Geneva), Belgium (Brussels), and the Netherlands (Amsterdam) – from March to November, as well as the iconic route from Paris to Istanbul once a year.

Rates for Suites begin at £5,500, and includes a personal 24-hour cabin steward, marble en-suite bathrooms, bespoke amenities, a complimentary kimono and slippers.

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