Sunflower Labs's High-Tech Security Drone Helps Keep Your Mansion Safe

Sunflower Labs’s High-Tech Security Drone Helps Keep Your Mansion Safe

Drone-Based Home Security Leaves Nothing to Chance!

Think drones are just for big kids with deep pockets? Well, maybe this will change your mind…

Sunflower Labs in San Francisco makes what it dubs the Sunflower Autonomous Drone-Based Security System. Essentially, this is a home aerial security system that has solar-powered smart lights and aerial cameras that mutually support each other. The lights detect motion, and if the software senses it’s unusual, a drone is dispatched to shine a light and record video of the scene.

Users can share the video with private security or police, said Alex Pachikov, CEO and co-founder of Sunflower Labs. “Old school systems frankly get ignored by police because there have been so many false alarms. With this, the law enforcement agencies have all the information that they need to ensure that any call for help is legitimate, or just a false alarm, even before they set out to intervene.”

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The system comprises of:

Sunflowers – static sensors that are placed around the home or property, and will alert one to unusual activity and illuminate the situation.

Bee – this electric drone flies autonomously to the scene and captures precisely what’s happening. One can also direct the Bee to specific locations on the property.

Hive – this provides a self-charging weatherproof home for the Bee. When the Bee’s work is done, it returns itself safely to the Hive.

This innovative security system is bringing together modern advances in robotics, autonomous navigation and artificial intelligence to create a dynamic security observation system that goes to where the action is on any property and follows it around. The fundamental difference between this system and others is that the Sunflower Lab’s system gives you complete awareness of what is happening and acts as an active deterrent. There’s no indication of an outright purchase price just yet, but Sunflower will lease you a complete system and provide full support for US$300 per month.

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Just think of the Sunflower Autonomous Drone-Based Security System as a security guard that never takes any breaks!

Interested in seeing how this system works in unison? Check out the video below.

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