Colours That May Bring You Good Luck In 2023

The color that stands out is the one that has the power to bring you good luck in 2023. Here are what some key colours may mean for you.
Text by Corina Tan

Color 2023

Here are some lucky colours for 2023!

Whatever your plans are this  Year take a second to reflect on what a perfect night would look like to you. Is it festive, vibrant and colourful? Or is it cozy, tranquil and serene? Whatever scene seems closest to what brings you joy may also give you a clue as to what colour it associates with. The colour that stands out is the one that has the power to bring you good luck in 2023. Read on to find out what are the lucky colours for 2023.

Colour science is the study of how colours evoke various emotions in people. It has the ability to influence your overall mood, motivation and energy. Colours can aspire you to act or just sit back and contemplate. If you have plans to head to a specific direction in the new year. Selecting the right colour can actually help you to take the first steps in making your dreams come true. If you are throwing a party, picking a good colour scheme for your celebration may bring meaning, inspiration, optimism, beauty and good luck.

Here are what some key colours may mean for you in 2023:


This bright and metallic colour symbolizes wealth and prosperity. In many major cultures, it is often seen as a totem of good luck and fortune. To ring in the year, wear gold jewellery, shimmery eye makeup or a shiny gold dress.


Red is a colour that has many tones. Whether bright crimson or deep burgundy, red hues are linked to passion in all areas of love. It is also linked to good luck, joy and happiness. If you’re not keen to go all out with such a bright colour, add a small trinket of red to bring passionate prosperity into your sphere.


Usually linked with purity, cleanliness and sincerity, white is the luckiest colour for 2023 especially if you are looking to start the new year on a clean slate. Try a snow- white manicure, white attire or colour scheme for your party.


Shades of green symbolizes wisdom, prosperity, fresh starts and growth. This is a lucky colour for anyone wanting to turn over a new leaf next year. Try incorporating shades of green into your home décor by bringing some house plants in, and incorporating serving trays, plates, bowls and cups to match.


Associated with peace and serenity, blue hues are often linked to water or the sky – both of which people find inherently calming. Consider framing up ocean-themed art, calming quotes or create a tranquil space at home that incorporates this colour scheme to achieve all that the colour has to offer.


Yellow has the highest energy and evokes feelings of cheerfulness, hope and optimism. Having the ability to invoke excitement and good vibes, decorating with yellow may spark new ideas of fun and joy.


For people going through tough times, silver is one of the luckiest colours as it brings strength and dignity through adversity. Silver hair is after all associated with refinement in old age, so celebrate with metallic décor, shiny silver balloons and other festive party items to ring in your new year.


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