Hublot Marries Art With Horology In Its New Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez Timepiece

Hublot Marries Art With Horology In Its New Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez Timepiece

The final project of a legendary artist is captured in this exquisite timepiece by Hublot.

Anything created from passion will last forever. Truly those are words to be remembered by as the late Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez worked on his last project with venerable Swiss watchmaker Hublot. The result, the new Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez.

Considered as one of the twentieth century’s greatest colour theorists, Cruz-Diez’s last project was revealed during this year’s Art Basel Miami, the stylish watch is an interesting take on Hublot’s Classic Fusion timepiece as it embodies Cruz-Diez’s fascination with kinetic art and translates his concept into a watch. A true feat like no other, Cruz-Diez’s created the illusion of light dancing over the watch’s dial with such grace that it is akin to the glow of a beetle’s wings.

Expert engineers from Hublot were able to enhance this visual effect even further by having the dial constructed on two separate levels in saturated Pantone colours with the hour hand on the first level and minute hand on the second. Each of these elements drives the rotation of a transparent disc that features printed black lines.

This piece deserves to be worn and its wearer, the centre of attention in any room, as it features the artist’s metallic signature on the case-back. The calfskin leather strap and box extend the optical experience in pursuit of an eternal present.

As Carlos Cruz-Diez said himself, “Colour is light, time and space. Colour is not in the past, it is a continuous present.” This timekeeping piece of art holds that truth within.

The Classic Fusion Cruz-Diez is available with two case sizes (45 mm and 38 mm) in a choice of three materials: 100 and 25 titanium pieces, 30 and 20 King Gold pieces and 100 and 25 black ceramic pieces respectively.

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