Yellow Fin Horse: A Fiery Culinary Treat of Flavours

We embarked on a gastronomic journey at Yellow Fin Horse, where an emphasis on simplicity brings a new mood to Kuala Lumpur’s dining scene.

Yellow Fin Horse

In the ever-evolving landscape of gastronomy, the coming together of familiar flavours and experimental cuisine has given rise to a new dining phenomenon: the private kitchen concept. The allure of the private kitchen lies in its ability to blend the familiar with the avant-garde.

Step into Yellow Fin Horse, where you can not only taste but also witness the magic unfold before your eyes. Here, culinary traditions are honoured, where skilled chefs transform ingredients into works of art over an open flame while offering an array of natural wines and homemade kombuchas.

Yellow Fin Horse

Nestled on the fourth floor of the design-forward Else Kuala Lumpur in historic Chinatown, Yellow Fin Horse is a contemporary restaurant helmed by celebrated Malaysian Chef Jun Wong. Inside, the interiors are warm and rustic, setting the tone for a cosy and inviting meal.

Chef Jun and her team take pride in utilising elemental cooking techniques to bring out the best in local seasonal produce. With a perfect balance of familiar and experimental flavors, the dishes are nothing short of exceptional. Despite its fine dining status, Yellow Fin Horse exudes a welcoming and approachable atmosphere that makes it a top choice for foodies who appreciate great design.

Chef Jun Wong | Yellow Fin Horse

At the heart of Yellow Fin Horse’s culinary philosophy is a deep appreciation for seafood. From the humblest fish to the most exotic crustaceans, each ingredient is treated with reverence. The restaurant’s seafood-centric menu celebrates the bounties of the ocean, ensuring that every dish showcases the very best flavours from the sea.

In a world of culinary extravagance, Yellow Fin Horse stands as a beacon for simple pleasures. With each visit, diners embark on a new adventure, exploring the flavors and textures of the season. The journey through the menu begins with a vibrant and refreshing top section, where the culinary canvas is painted with the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Crudo | Yellow Fin Horse

New Age Caesar is a revelation of flavors and textures, featuring YFH’s unique version of the classic LP sauce. Layers of culinary artistry include delicate pearls of trout roe, a parmesan crisp that adds a satisfying crunch, and a soft-boiled egg to tie it all together. The richness of The Smoke Eel salad is balanced by the crispness of the apple and the earthy notes of walnut. For lovers of seafood, the Crudo is a must-try. It showcases fresh slices of local Malabar snapper, and is paired with cucumber dill buttermilk. It’s a plate of pure elegance and oceanic delight.

A bold and daring creation – Sinaloa Style Aguachile with Japanese obsible prawn adds tropical elements to counter the heat of aguachile with the creamy coconut milk.

Sinaloa Style Aguachile | Yellow Fin Horse

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that leave the most lasting impressions. Longan Sourdough is a prime example. The crispy outer crust adds a rich, smoky depth when served with the smoked house-made butter, bringing together a harmonious medley of colours and flavours. The Summer Salad contributes to a delightful whole that comes together in a dish of Cameron Highlands purple corn, pickled pumpkin, raspberries, and garden herbs.

Summer Salad | Yellow Fin Horse

As we delve deeper into the evening, the hot dishes take center stage, showcasing inspiration drawn from the vibrant Chinatown surroundings. These dishes are a testament to the restaurant’s ability to infuse tradition and innovation into every bite. One of the standout creations included the Flame Grilled Local Squid – a perfectly grilled squid paired with a smoked Buah Keluak paste that provides a satisfying crunch with charred okra.

Flame Grilled Local Squid | Yellow Fin Horse

Drawing inspiration from the traditional Laotian dipping sauce, Jeow Mak Len Salsa coats local XL clams with a burst of spice followed by vibrant flavors. Meat lovers (like us) can rejoice with the Charred Caramelised Wagyu Karubi. The succulent Wagyu beef is charred to perfection and complemented by charred baby kalian.

(L-R) Jeow Mak Len Salsa with Local XL Clams | Charred Caramelized Wagyu Karubi | Yellow Fin Horse

An homage to the Hokkien Kiam Chye Ark, the Coal Roasted Duck Breast is a tantalising creation. The duck breast is cooked to tender perfection and served with homemade salted mustard plant and braised radish. It’s a dish that pays homage to age-old culinary traditions while adding a touch of contemporary flair.

Garum Glazed Grilled Aged Wagyu Ribeye – a masterpiece that brings together the best of Cantonese and contemporary flavors. The aged Wagyu ribeye paired with a typhoon-style stir-fried wing beans add a delightful crunch and a hint of complexity to each bite.

(L-R) Charred Sugarloaf Cabbage | Scallops | Yellow Fin Horse

The adventure continued to create memorable experiences by marrying diverse ingredients in unique and unexpected ways. Charred Sugarloaf Cabbage with the addition of sesame and ginger, makes this a standout dish that elevates a humble vegetable into a gourmet delight.

Every element on the plate is there for a reason. Scallops are perfectly seared to create a delicate crust while retaining their tender interior. Accompanied with burnt orange provides a citrusy brightness that ties creamy contrast together with the pumpkin brulee.

For a delightful conclusion, Yellow Fin Horse continues to tempt diners with its specially curated sweet offerings such as Cashew Dairy-Free Curd with Burnt Citrus Fruits and Honeycomb and Dark Chocolate Water Ganache served with Black Bean Crisps, which are both heavenly.


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