Discover Spring with Roku Gin At These Bars in KL

Discover Top 10 Cocktail Bars and Restaurants with speciality cocktails made with Roku Gin, to celebrate all the new beginnings this season.

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Roku Gin, the Japanese Craft Gin brings fresh flavours and experiences, introducing a medley of mixology and gastronomic collaborations with ten top bars and restaurants to celebrate the beauty of the changing season.

Spring into new beginnings with Ohanami or the blooming of the luscious Cherry Blossoms when the Sakura tree begins to flower. Precious cherry blossoms are the key ingredient in Roku Gin which is only handpicked in its “shun”, or at the peak of the season, and this delightful flavour represents the wonderful scent of Spring, giving Roku Gin its delicate floral and sweet aroma.

Roku meaning six in Japanese artfully balances six of these unique Japanese botanicals of the highest quality to create a perfectly balanced, multi-layered spirit. How is Roku Gin crafted? During the detailed process of harvesting, infusing, and distilling, Gin artisans use the centuries-old Monozukuri tradition, combining the aroma of cherry blossoms with sencha and Gyokuro tea, rounding out flavours with a refreshing yuzu top note and the crisp, slightly spicy finish of Japanese peppercorns.

Ahead, an array of exciting new Roku Gin cocktails for you to enjoy at the following bars and restaurants located in Kuala Lumpur:

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1.Beta KL 

From left to right: Roku Spring Tonic, Umeshutini, Blossom

Co-founder of Beta, Alex Cheah specially crafted three Spring-inspired cocktails Roku Spring Tonic (RM45) refreshing the palate. The second, Blossom (RM45) showcases a complex harmony of umami, floral and fruity flavours. Paired Umeshutini (RM45) with nasi ulam and kesum will take you on a historical journey of Malaysian gastronomy. 


2. Bar Trigona  

From left to right: La Vie En Rose, Love At First Sight, Love Letter

The first Malaysian bar to make it on the World’s 50 Best Bars 2020, take a trip down love lane with Bar Trigona this Spring. Marcus Kwok from Bar Trigona introduces Love at First Sight (RM60) as their elixir of Spring. A refreshing cocktail blended with Trigona honey and strawberries. La Vie En Rose (RM 60) and The Love Letter (RM45) were put together for ultimate enjoyment.


3. Three X Co 

From left to right: Harusaki-tini, Marigold-HaiBoRu, Hana Harmony

David Hans, co-owner of Three X Co takes on the beautiful harvests of Spring begins with Harusaki-tini (RM45) layered Asian pear, rhubarb, and sake, complementing botanical notes. The Marigold-HaiBoRu (RM45), has a delectable bubbly zing. Hana Harmony (RM45) laced with strawberry Aperol, white grapes and jasmine flowers is a refreshing after work drink.


4. Concubine KL 

From left to right: There is a Cherry for each Concubine, Sandokan, Sirap Bandun

Concubine KL’s bartender, Mon revolves around the flirtatious and funky nature of Chinatown, There is a Cherry for each Concubine (RM40) layered with maraschino combines perfectly with the harmonious flavours of Roku Gin. The Sandokan (RM40) is created in honour of a fictional late 19th-century Malaysian pirate. The Sirap Bandung (RM40), a classic rose and condense milk concoction, is a spirited twist on a local classic. 


5. Pahit 

From left to right: Roku Reviver, Ku-Ga, Moon Ring

Tucked away in a beautifully refurbished backstreet bar dating back to the 1920s. Bar manager BOY introduces his speciality concoction, the Moon Ring (RM40) accentuates the Sakura notes of Roku Gin. The Roku Reviver (RM40) is a velvety tipple concocted with triple sec. The Ku-Ga (RM40), layered with sour and grapefruit bitters makes for the perfect nightcap. 


6. PS150 

From left to right: Elderflower Fizz, Spring Negroni, Orange Balitini

Stumble into one of the first speakeasy bars in new Chinatown and you will discover cocktails crafted by Head Bartender John Chowdury such as tangy Spring Negroni (RM45) as a palate opener. For a more citrus take on the martini, the Orange Balitini (RM45) is layered with orange juice, sweet vermouth and simple syrup. A sparkling concoction to start off the next round like the Elderflower Fizz (RM45), a floral delight. 


7. Jann’s Bar 

From left to right: Bloom, Cherish, Hong Hua Jiao

Head Bartender Darwin Ng’s Spring signature creation is the Bloom (RM45),  made with a hint of rose vermouth. Hong Hua Jiao (RM45) is a fusion of two favourite icons of Malaysia and Chinatown, the Hibiscus and Red Peppercorn. Cherish(RM45) is a complex concoction saturated with cherry, white vermouth, and liquorice


8. BAC 

From left to right: Social Butterfly, Shiso Fine, Ginger Snap

Limited-edition cocktails by bartender Megan Lim bringing back in time a light refreshing Aperitivo – A Social Butterfly (RM38). It’s so fine with Shiso Fine (RM45), a cocktail crafted with East Imperial yuzu lemonade and Japanese bitters shiso. Ginger Snap (RM38), made with lemon juice, ginger syrup and East Imperial Burma tonic water, offers those with a penchant for a sharptasting tipple.


9. Reka: Bar 

Front: Hinomaru; Back from left to right: Lychee-Mochi, Tokyo no Haru

Boarding a spaceship with Tokyo no Haru (RM 45) crafted by Floor Manager, Karen Yuen for a clear, crisp, fruity and floral twist on a martini. The Hinomaru (RM45) that pays homage to the flag of Japan is in a creamy concoction. Lychee-Mochi (RM45) is made with toasted rice and strawberry chocolate-infused Roku Gin, lychee kombucha and syrup, lavender bitters, lemon juice and milk.  


10. Sip Society 

From left to right: Amaterasu, Konohana, Ro Rose Ku

Get your first drink of the day from Head Bartender James Fernandis to emit a tiki vibe with Konohana (RM40) featuring Roku Gin, Cointreau, yuzu puree, orange blossom, yuzu bitters and Umeshu, The Ro Rose Ku (RM40) is made with frozen strawberries, laced with grenadine, lime juice, simple syrup, and egg white. Amaterasu (RM42), fruity features a local ingredient limau kasturi. 


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From now up until 31 May 2022, cocktail lovers can visit these bars for a special Spring experience.

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