Discover The Best Of Summer With Roku Gin

Roku Gin collaborates with five luxury hotels in Kuala Lumpur and eight cocktail bars in Penang to craft signature summer cocktails.

In Japanese, Roku translates as the number six. Crafted by Japanese artisans, Roku Gin includes six botanical ingredients that’s cultivated over four seasons in Japan. Every bottle uses sakura flower, sakura leaf, yuzu peel, sencha tea (green tea), gyokuro tea (refined green tea) and sanshō pepper to create a soft umami earthiness and a refreshing palate. 

The award-winning Roku Gin teamed up with five luxury hotels and eight cocktail bars to offer afternoon tea, savoury delights and signature cocktails made with the Japanese gin. From 9th July until 31st August 2022, you can taste the wonders of summer bliss at all the participating hotels and bars. Scroll down to see where you can enjoy the signature cocktails.

Kuala Lumpur

1. W Kuala Lumpur

From Left : Roku Summer Fizz, Roku Sour, Gin-Ger Negroni

W’s Woo Bar and Wet Deck introduced three cocktails this summer. The cocktails include The Roku Summer Fizz (RM40), a spritzy aperitif prepared with dehydrated kiwi and strawberries; The Yuzu Sour (RM40), a sour-style cocktail infused with yuzu and served with orange bitters; The Gin-Ger Negroni (RM40), a Negroni layered with ginger, honey, and Campari. The cocktails also come in The Roku Summer Dessert & Cocktail set (RM65) that’s plated with Matcha Yuzu Azuki Choux.

W Kuala Lumpur

2. Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur

From Left : Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur Afternoon Tea Set, Roku Minted, Roku Sunny

Ebisu, a pop-up restaurant in Altitude will be serving their signature Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur Afternoon Tea Set paired with refreshing cocktails (RM 188). The cocktail selection features Roku Sunny (RM 45) a citrus-bodied drink made from limoncello, lemon juice, and Cointreau, and The Roku Minted (RM 45), a green-coloured cocktail assembled with mint, sake, and chilled gin. All are served with an array of Japanese savoury and sweet treats, with selections of coffee or tea.

Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur

3. The RuMa Hotel & Residences

From Left (Front) : Let the Fun Be-Gin, M. J., Gindulgent, SEVENth Heaven

Seven, the hotel’s lobby bar and lounge will have the exclusive RuMa Summer Afternoon Tea & Cocktails (RM 138) that serves savoury to sweet offerings as well as a selection of teas and handcrafted cocktails.

The signature cocktails include Let the Fun Be-Gin (RM 55) an orange, lemon, and passionfruit concoction; The M.J. or Merah Jambu (RM 55), a fruity delight made with strawberries; Gindulgent (RM 55) a sweet and tart cocktail served with calamansi, honey, and assam boi; and SEVENth Heaven (RM 55), a laced drink made with cinnamon and gula melaka.

You can also opt for The Matcha Dessert & Cocktails Set (RM 55) which highlights matcha desserts and green-tea-inspired cocktails.

The RuMa Hotel & Residences

4. Four Point By Sheraton Kuala Lumpur

From Left : Old Nutty Matcha, Lady Collins, Genmai-Cha 

The Lady Yi’s Tea House introduced the Genmai-Cha, a brown rice tea infused cocktail garnished with seaweed; The Lady Collins, a refined highball layered with floral and citrus notes; and The Old Nutty Matcha, a green tea creation served with macadamia syrup and toasted peanuts.

The Four Points By Sheraton Kuala Lumpur

5. The Westin Kuala Lumpur

From Left:  Westin Summer High Tea Set, Rosella Sonata, Nuvola

Indulge in an exclusive Summer High Tea set (RM 208) at the Westin Kuala Lumpur that’s paired with either The Nuvola (RM 45) a tropical fruit cocktail made with pineapple and mango, mixed with Cointreau as well as Aperol; or The Rosella Sonata (RM 45) a roselle tea infused drink mixed with tart grapefruits.

The Westin Kuala Lumpur


6. Backdoor Bodega

From Left : Matcha Magi, Mushi Mushi, Genmai Highball

If you’re a green tea aficionado, Backdoor Bodega has the perfect drinks for you. The bar kicks off the summer celebrations with the Genmai Highball (RM 40), a twist on highball that’s mixed with Genmai and gin, and garnished with shisho leaf; Matcha Magic (RM40) an unorthodox take on matcha latte that’s layered with elderflowers and lemon; and Mushi Mushi (RM40) a refreshing cocktail made with Calpis, sake, yuzu and topped with a green tea Pocky stick.

Backdoor Bodega

7. Archipelago

From Left : Magic, Blessings, Enchante

The Penang Bar will be serving Enchante (RM45), a rose and fruit-infused cocktail inspired by the blossoming roses “hanakotoba”; Magic (RM45) a lavender drink incorporated with citrus; Blessings (RM48), a cocktail strengthen with premium uji sencha and gyokuro green tea, and mixed with gold flakes sake as well as kaffir lime leaf.


8. Good Friends Club

From Left : In Love with Roku Guava Sour, Kiss the Summer Collins, Moving On with Smoky Martini

The Good Friend’s Club will be serving Kiss the Summer Collins (RM 45) a lavender soda cocktail meld together with the sweetness of rock melons. Another highlight in the menu include the Roku Guava Sour (RM 45), a guava and plum mishmash with the botanical flavours of Roku Gin; and the Smoky Martini (RM45) an earthy green tea twist layered with shiso-infused dry vermouth and umami bitters.

Good Friends Club

9. Manchu Bar

From Left : Sea Foam, Consort Gin, Pink Marmalade

This hidden gem has cocktails that will give you your daily Vitamin C intake. The signature drinks include Sea Foam (RM 40), a rich butterfly pea drink laced with Campari, triple sec, lemon juice, orange and angostura bitters, and then, topped with a foamy finish. Followed by the refreshing Consort Gin (RM 42) that is layered with floral and citrus aromas from yuzu, orange, rose and lemon. And, the Pink Marmalade (RM 42) that’s made with grenadine, Campari, triple sec, and orange to create the pinkest hue.

Manchu Bar

10. Magazine 63

From Left : Roku n’ Ringo, Red Dates-tini, &  The Perfect Match

For this Summer, Magazine 63 created The Perfect Match (RM40), a boozy matcha latte – perfect for Matcha lovers; the Roku n’ Ringo (RM 40) a spicy cinnamon and sour apple drink inspired by the gin sour; and The Red Dates-tini (RM 40) a classic martini twist that is sweetened with caramel-like red dates.

Magazine 63

11. Eki Sake Bar

From Left : Gin Garden, Roku Moon, Summer Time

Eki Sake Bar will be showcasing a selection of summery drinks starting off with the Roku Moon (RM 38), a tart drink made with sour plums and lime; Gin Garden (RM 38) a green tea and cucumber combination; Summer Time (RM38), a tangy grapefruit blend elevated by rosemary and Golden Falernum.

Eki Sake Bar

12. Kara Kara

From Left : Meanwhile in Kyoto, Into The Wild, Minted

The retro-futuristic concept bar takes us to Japan with their newest cocktails. They introduced Into The Wild (RM 58), a cocktail that has a herbal palate from the union of mint and jasmine green tea. Then, Minted (RM 48) a mint green tea cocktail blended with aged sake. Followed by Chill Like a G6 (RM48) a refreshing citrus drink. And, Meanwhile in Kyoto (RM 58) a berry flavoured fusion weaved together with chocolate bitters and Sakura green tea. The bar also concocted Make Mine Matcha (RM48) another green tea cocktail, but this time with a light herbaceous tone.

Kara Kara

13. Red Forbidden Bar

From Left : Fleur de Bamboo, Oriental Basil, Yuzu Akitori

One of the newest nightspots on the island, Red Forbidden celebrates its grand opening on 9 July with The Oriental Basil (RM 48) a basil and mint concoction, complemented with cucumber; Yuzu Akitori (RM 48) a peppermint composition married with a zesty lemon; and Fleur de Bamboo (RM 48) a sour plum drink finished with the citrus notes of oranges.

Red Forbidden City

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