A Coconut Chronicle: Nadodi’s New Menu Celebrates the Humble Coconut

Indulge in the exceptional flavours of the new 10-course degustation menu, where each dish is imbued with captivating narratives, weaved around the coconut.

Alfonsino!!! | Nadodi

Nadodi’s latest menu, Coconut Chronicles is a culinary tribute to the humble coconut, transporting diners through the vibrant flavours of Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine. Drawing inspiration from the traditional kitchens of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Sri Lanka, Coconut Chronicles celebrates the remarkable versatility of the tropical fruit.

From luscious sauces to delicate desserts, Nadodi’s culinary team ingeniously incorporates coconut in myriad ways, exploring its sweet and savoury nuances and showcasing its diverse textures.


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Begin your culinary journey with the Welcome Trio, a symphony of flavours featuring three bites starter: the Chettinad Spring Chicken, Gilindrical Symphony, and Tropical Pol. Let the vibrant spices of Chettinad dance on your palate, followed by the refreshing notes of coconut in the Gilindrical Symphony, and finally, savour the tropical essence of Pol that sets the stage for the feast ahead.

Welcome Trio | Nadodi

As you delve deeper into the Coconut Chronicles, be dazzled by the Prawnstar, where succulent prawns meet the bold flavours of sambar and Thakkali chutney, creating a harmonious fusion of coastal delights. Then, experience the Heart of Hearts, a dish that speaks to the soul. The banana blossom, delicately infused with coconut milk and spices, paired with a crunchy plantain chip, is expertly seared to a golden hue, while the stem’s core is transformed into a velvety soup enriched with turmeric and subtle spices, ensuring that each bite celebrates the plant’s essence.

Heart of Hearts | Nadodi

Experience a delightful twist with the Lobster Taco, a delightful twist on a classic favourite. Enjoy the delicate flavours of lobster nestled within an uttapam, complemented by the richness of peanut and mint chutneys, shallots, shishito, and pineapple, transporting your taste buds to paradise.

Meanwhile, the Alfonsino!!!, featuring perfectly cooked alfonsino accompanied by sorghum and Roselle pulli saaru, is a dish that showcases the artistry of blending coconut with the finest ingredients. Here comes the palate cleanser – Rustic Toddy Dreams. The essence of toddy shines through in a veil, gel, and refreshing sorbet.

Rustic Toddy Dreams | Nadodi

For those craving bold flavours, one of the main courses, Pigeon Prestige awaits, offering tender juicy pigeon adorned with apricot pickle, truffle slices, and salt-baked beetroot, creating a rich savory delights.

Lamb Legacy is where Pyrenees lamb takes centre stage, elevated by the robust flavours of chukka and brain tuna paha curry, perfectly complemented by chayote shoots.

Before bidding adieu to the Coconut Chronicles, savour the Nomad’s Globe, a classic dish with a tantalizing blend of short-grain chicken biryani, vegetable parcels, and a yoghurt squiggle with a hint of kiwi, offering a taste of home with a tropical twist.

Moringa Magic | Nadodi

Conclude your epicurean journey with Moringa Magic, a sweet symphony of stroop waffles filled with Moringa parfait, accompanied by velvety coconut sodhi ice cream and vanilla bean, leaving you with memories of a culinary voyage unlike any other.

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Opening Hours: 6 pm – 10 pm (Monday to Saturday)

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