Indulge In An Epicurean Journey At Nadodi

From the sun-drenched plains of Tamil Nadu to the mesmerizing coastlines of Sri Lanka, each courses in Nadodi tell silent tales of shared moments and cultures.

Nadodi in Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur | Nadodi

Having undergone a lavish transformation last year, Nadodi, has now relocated to Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur. This new setting enhances the dining experience, with booth seats strategically positioned by the window to offer sweeping panoramic views of the city, creating an intimate and cosy ambience. Nadodi captures the discerning palate of the global connoisseur through a seamless fusion of modern techniques, age-old spice blends, and time-honoured recipes.

Vér Bar at Nadodi | Nadodi

Paying homage to the early settlers of Malaysia and its neighbouring regions, Nadodi presents a harmonious array of 11 reimagined heritage courses meticulously curated across various menus.  Our recent culinary expedition led us to savour the opulent “Epicurean Echos” for dinner, a gastronomic odyssey marked by authentic South Indian flavours. Here’s what we had:

Our dinner commenced with the Welcome Trio, featuring the Pullisorru Ebi taco, Pol Financier, and Foie Gras with Beetroot and Malabar Dates chutney, tantalising our appetites and laying the foundation for an exceptional culinary voyage.

The amuse bouche followed with the Buns of Banter – delighting the palate with a spicy-sweet interplay. The chilli mango croustade adds a kick, harmonising with the vibrant sambol bun for a burst of spiciness.

Buns of Banter | Nadodi

A storm of flavours erupts in Mushroom Monsoon, where the charcoal-grilled scallop meets the earthiness of mushroom rasam, while asparagus adds a crisp texture. Mustard seeds provide a subtle, aromatic finish.

The Tentacle Tango mesmerises with tender madako, accentuated by the boldness of Chettinad masala and the sweetness of the jackfruit, all underlined by the subtle zing of the torch ginger.

Sanga Kaalam is a journey through textures and temperatures, with creamy ven ponggal, briny Antarctic god, and the luxurious essence of crab roe, elevated by bone sauce and crisp celtuce.


Sanga Kaalam | Nadodi

Serving as the palate cleanser, Morru tantalises the taste buds with the coolness of a yoghurt sorbet, the warmth of ginger, the aromatic allure of curry leaves, and a hint of heat from bird’s eye chilli, creating a refreshing intermezzo.

The spotlight then shifts to the Poultry Pageant, where tender spring chicken takes centre stage. Its succulence is beautifully complemented by the velvety richness of pumpkin curry and the earthy decadence of truffles.

Poultry Pagent | Nadodi

The following course presented was LamBush featuring the succulent Aragon lamb, accompanied by the creamy paal poriyal, chestnut puree, and the umami depth of hen of the woods mushrooms.

Nadodi’s signature dish, Nomad’s Globe, made a trio entrance, unveiling a world of flavours. The aromatic short-grain rice prawn biryani takes the lead, complemented by the nuttiness of sesame seeds salna and the refreshing notes of corn and avocado patchadi.

For the pre-dessert experience, Inji-Puli provides a sweet-tart finale. Featuring tamarind granita, velvety ginger cream, and the caramelized richness of jaggery, it culminates the meal on a satisfying and flavorful note.


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The dessert finale is the Millets & Seeds, a delightful ending to a meal with the wholesome goodness of ragi ice cream. Paired with a spiced clove crumble and a velvety sunflower seed cremeux, this creation is enveloped in the indulgent embrace of dark chocolate.


Address: Level 7A, Four Seasons Hotel, Jalan Ampang, City Centre, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening Hours: 6pm to 10pm (Monday – Saturday)

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