Turning Art Into Passion With HUAWEI

The Huawei MatePad Pro 11 transfers thoughts, ideas and inspirations into works of art with extra convenience and smart features to boot.
Words by Corina Tan

Drawing or doodling is a passionate past time for some people, as creativity shines when talent and skill is utilised through freedom of expression without expectation. Once upon a time, the traditional pen and paper was the only method for budding artists and illustrators all over the world to express their talent by capturing people, objects, buildings, scenery, memories, or moments in time. The art of drawing or doodling manifested itself in many ways and forms as time went on, making its way into the hearts and minds of every generation since.

Today, we have the convenience and smart technology of modern-day tablets that we can use to illustrate what inspires us. Huawei had this in mind and more when they created Huawei Super Devices which consists of multiple devices that enhances user experience through a powerful eco-system, including the HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11 and M-Pencil. The HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11 transfers thoughts, ideas and inspirations into works of art with extra convenience and smart features to boot.


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Inspired by life and everything around her, 25-year-old Rachel from Kuala Lumpur found her love for illustration at a very young age. She began her hobby right from childhood and carried on into young adulthood. Now a graphic designer by profession, drawing or doodling food, beverage menus, outfits, dresses, cafes and various things she loves is what she continues to do in her spare time.

“My favourite drawing is food and eating. That’s why my Instagram is full of food illustrations; they are full of my interests.” Rachel explains, “but I pretty much create doodles from anything as I get inspired by all the things I see.”

Rachel continues to pursue her love for art with a repertoire of Malaysian culinary delights, highlighting themes such as the typical Malaysian breakfast, favourite Mamak food and other popular local food and desserts.

“I love how sleek the HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11 is. Its lightweight design makes it convenient for me to carry around.” Rachel shares. “And also, the screen colour is amazing. I believe colour precision is important when it comes to designing and illustrating.” She added.

“Maybe others will enjoy watching shows on a tablet. But for me, drawing is essential. The stylus and the tablet combo are perfect.” Rachel says.

Photos courtesy of HUAWEI.

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