The Peak Start Up Stars: Otomate Me

The Peak Start Up Stars: Otomate Me

Co-founder and CEO of Otomate Me, Kimberly Wan believes that their automation technology can help you to do more, learn more, contribute more and gain recognition for your work.

Young and highly driven entrepreneur, Kimberly Wan is on the mission to promote automation technology for big and small companies here in Malaysia. Determined to solve the problem of manual processes in the B2B space, she, alongside co-founder Azlan Alam Malik created Otomate Me to help businesses leverage on technology to increase productivity, reduce margin error, and build long-lasting relationships with its customers.


Otomate Me

(Left )Azlan Malik, CTO and Co-Founder with Kimberly Wan Kimberly Wan, CEO and Co-Founder of Otomate Me

Their tools have proven to help boost meaningful engagements between businesses and their customers. Today, the company now serves businesses based out of three markets – Malaysia, Singapore and Norway. Click play to hear Kimberly tell us more about it.







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