Get to Know Malaysian Artists And Their Artworks

We’ve listed out a variety of modern art by Malaysian artists and the stories behind their unique works of art.

Malaysian Artists

From calligraphy expert Jameson Yap to artist-architect Pamela Tan. Read more about our Malaysian artists who are flourishing in the local art scene and are destined for more.

Jameson Yap – Calligraphy Artist

Having been trained by his grandfather, and with over 30 years of practice, Jameson Yap (also known as JY) learned to perfect his strokes and calligraphy through constant practice. His unique styles of strokes are embodied in the artwork River Stroke.

Named after his one-of-a-kind style of strokes. The River Stroke series is a collection of artwork steeped in Chinese ancient art and reimagined through a uniquely contemporary lens. Each stroke is an ode to the depth and beauty of the flow of water in a river. Worked on blank Xuan paper, JY uses a single continuous brush stroke using a single breath. Here, form and structure merge to create works of art that spotlight the chi of the human spirit from a calligraphic point of view.

It’s a combination of tradition, culture, poetry, and emotions that can be appreciated as an art form first before delving into the meaning behind each character. Over the years, the artist has honed his signature style and produced artworks that are an ode to religion, art, and literature as well as the people and happenings around him.

Red Hong Yi – Visionary Artist


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Named one of Asia’s Most Influential Voices. Sabah-born artist Red Hong Yi pursued a full-time Master’s Degree in Architecture while being an artist. To date, she is still discovering herself and her personal aesthetic in arts.

Red Hong Yi unveiled her latest art installation at the National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, bringing an almost village-like neighbourhood to the city. Titled “My Alleyway Memories: Once Upon A Longtang,” there are eight artworks on display created with burnt red calligraphy paper. The artworks are conveying stories in Shanghai while addressing impermanence, tradition, and urbanization.

Kenji Chai – Graffiti Artist


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Born and raised in Sandakan, Kenji Chai was a big fan of Marvel comics since an early age. His works evoke images from the creation of graffiti combining vibrant characters and pop culture elements. His well-known artwork is “Chaigo”, a turquoise dog graffiti. To date, Kenji’s murals have been spotted in various cities around the world, from New York to his homeland, Malaysia.

In collaboration with Hotlink last year, his stunning artwork painted on Wisma Sabah titled “Only the Strong Survive” has become one of the well-known corners in Kota Kinabalu. Mused by BikinSampaiJadi’s story, the impressive painted mural was completed with the power of two to highlight the greatness of beauty, strength, and diversity of wildlife.

Pamela Tan –  Artist-Architectural


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Artist-architectural designer Pamela Poh Sin Tan seeks the subtle unseen and aspires to create pieces that embody layers of spatial and experiential narratives. Through her crafts, she gained inspiration from her explorations, architecture, and design, in order to create a balance between people.

Titled Tatu – the installation represents the diversity of the Malaysian community and culture. Tatu aims to immerse visitors in an array of intricate motifs of light and shadow, evoking scenes of Malaysia’s Wayang Kulit. The installation is presented as a dome with circular plates of elaborate patterns, reminding us that only through embracing our differences can we survive through times of conflict.

Alan Chen – Abstract Oriental Artist


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Nature lover Alan Chen has been captivated by epic nature sceneries around the world. He started painting Chinese drawings “Shan Shui” after being fascinated by his father’s artworks and exposed to western painting styles during his teenage life. When east meets west. His love of nature is elevated with the application of abstraction, strong textures, vibrant colours, and monochrome images.

“The Four Gentlemen” from Chen is all about the wisdom of nature. The artwork gathered the elegance and vitality of landscapes in having four plants, the plum blossom, the orchid, the bamboo, and the chrysanthemum. Such are the characteristics of the noble four which we should learn and apply in life.

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