Sarawakian Entrepreneur Andy Yek of Gucini On His Vision To Transform Everyday Living

In an exclusive interview with The Peak Malaysia, he talks about business leadership, the goal of his business and Hennessy X.O.
Andy Yek Hennessy

Andy Yek giving a speech during Hennessy X.O Greatness is an Odyssey at Hilton Kuching.

Chosen as one of the exceptional entrepreneurs and business leaders by Hennessy X.O, Andy Yek hosted the fourth edition of the Hennessy X.O Greatness is an Odyssey event, at Hilton Kuching.

His initial ventures in home makeovers ignited a passion for transforming spaces and interiors, eventually evolving the business into wholesale construction of premium bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Today, his enterprise flourishes as the esteemed Gucini brand, inspired by luxurious Italian design for its range of sanitary ware, kitchen essentials, and home improvement products.

Coinciding with his entrepreneurial journey, Andy’s affinity for Hennessy X.O also began to flourish. He fondly recalls his first sip shared with his father two decades past, marking a cherished moment in his early career.

Hennessy is regarded as a symbol of success and leadership. What are the values you share with Hennessy?

In addition to leadership, I see a strong connection between Gucini and Hennessy in the value of innovation. Both brands thrive on exploring new ideas and pushing boundaries. We believe in staying creative and finding innovative solutions to meet the needs of our consumers. It‘s this spirit of innovation that drives us forward.

Gucini at Hennessy X.O Greatness is an Odyssey Kuching

What motivated you to start your own business focused on home improvement products?

I used to work in construction, but I felt a desire for something more substantial and expansive. I yearned to elevate homes, to make them not just functional but truly inviting and comfortable. That’s the inspiration behind Gucini.

Our products, like exquisite bathtubs and faucets, are crafted not only for convenience but to elevate standards and aesthetics, infusing each space with a touch of luxury and a distinctive branded allure.

What do you think are the most important things for someone leading a business?

Strength and persistence are crucial traits. They‘re what keep us going even when we’re faced with challenges or setbacks. Having a clear goal provides us with direction, acting as a guiding light amid any uncertainties. Being able to inspire and assist others not only builds a supportive community but also fuels personal growth and achievement. Embracing change and relentlessly pursuing betterment are key to staying relevant and achieving long-term success.

Andy Yek Hennessy

Andy Yek at Hennessy X.O Greatness is an Odyssey Kuching

When you think back of the time since you started your business in 2002, what are the things you are happiest about?

It’s truly remarkable to reflect on the journey Gucini has taken since I started it. Collaborating with renowned designers such as Gian Luca Meloda and expanding Gucini’s presence to diverse locales fills me with immense pride and joy. Seeing Gucini evolve into a legacy is incredibly fulfilling—it speaks volumes about our vision, dedication, and the combined efforts of everyone involved.

As a company that keeps growing, what are your plans for the future of Gucini?

We want Gucini to continue growing and reach greater heights. Our goal is to increase brand awareness and product usage among a wider audience. Moreover, we‘re committed to ongoing innovation, creating new solutions that enhance people’s home experiences. Gucini’s future is deeply rooted in a seamless integration with modern living, leveraging technology and cutting-edge design to enrich everyday life.

Hennessy X.O

What do you like about Hennessy X.O, and how do you enjoy it?

Hennessy X.O. holds a special place in my heart. Its unique flavour profile is truly delightful. I prefer to savour it neat or occasionally with just a touch of ice, allowing its complexities to unfold gradually. There’s a certain pleasure in taking your time with each sip, appreciating its nuances and richness at a leisurely pace.

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