Hennessy X.O’s Greatness is an Odyssey In Kuching Toasts To Brilliance and Innovation

The celebration marks the fourth in a series to honour exceptional business leaders, continuing with none other than Andy Yek, the Managing Director of C.R.W.N Idea Sdn Bhd.
Hennessy X.O Kuching

Hennessy X.O Greatness is an Odyssey held at Hilton Kuching.

Set in Hilton Kuching, distinguished guests gathered for a night of celebration at Hennessy X.O Greatness is an Odyssey event to honour the achievements and success of Gucini Sdn Bhd. and its Sarawakian founder, Andy Yek.

Among the line up of exceptional business leaders chosen by Hennessy X.O who embodies the pioneering spirit of the brand, Andy Yek, Managing Director of C.R.W.N Idea Sdn Bhd and CEO of Gucini Sdn Bhd, makes the perfect host for the night. Hailing from Bintulu, Andy is renowned for his entrepreneurial acumen and outstanding achievements in the realm of kitchen and bathroom accessories, with Gucini adhering rigorously to international standards of excellence.

The birth of Gucini Sdn Bhd in 2017 marked a milestone, introducing a line of top-notch products adorned with simple yet distinctive designs, all while keeping them affordable—a concept the company proudly calls “Affordable Luxury Life.” Teaming up with esteemed partner, Gian Luca Meloda, an Italian design advisor, Gucini pieced together the final elements of its journey combined with Luca’s influence which has propelled Gucini to new heights, garnering global attention.

The evening kicked off with a warm welcome from invited guests, including representatives from Hennessy X.O Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia and the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sarawak (ACCCIS). Guests were treated to an exploration of Hennessy X.O’s commitment to perfection, savouring the seven unique fusion of flavours that elevated the iconic spirit to new heights. This exquisite tasting experience was complemented by an elegant eight-course dinner, curated to harmonise with the notes of the cognac.

Adding to the evening’s charm was the captivating performance by the Shanghai Vogue Trio, who entertained guests with a mix of classic and contemporary tunes. As the evening came to an end, a fortunate guest claimed the coveted prize of a Hennessy X.O. bottle. It was a perfect conclusion to a night brimming with luxury, sophistication, and unforgettable moments.

The launch of Gucini illuminated the event. This momentous occasion brought to light the exceptional quality and thoughtful design of the brand in enhancing the fabric of modern living with a strong focus on functionality and quality.

In his speech Andy Yek describes this coming together of great minds, “In the words of Henry Ford, ‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.’ Together, we can scale new heights, redefine modern living, and achieve greatness.”

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