Hennessy X.O Greatness Is An Odyssey In Kuala Lumpur Celebrates The Pursuit of Excellence

Choong Pin Hoong, Director of Syarikat Letrik Chen Guan, recently hosted the second edition of Hennessy X.O’s Greatness Is An Odyssey event in Kuala Lumpur where guests were invited to...
Hennessy X.O Kuala Lumpur

Hennessy X.O Greatness Is An Odyssey event at Le Meridien KL

In a dazzling celebration of exceptional leadership showcased by the younger generation of entrepreneurs in Malaysia, Hennessy, the globally renowned cognac Maison, inaugurated the first leg of the Greatness Is An Odyssey in 2023. This series marked the genesis of a remarkable journey, shedding light on the prowess and innovation of emerging business leaders.

In January 2024, the second chapter of this prestigious odyssey unfolded with resounding success with Hennessy X.O at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur, graciously hosted by Choong Pin Hoong, the Director of Syarikat Letrik Chen Guan Sdn Bhd, in collaboration with The Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Young Entrepreneurs Committee (KL SCCCI YEC).

Against the backdrop of Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur and the city’s dazzling skyline, over 150 guests came together to share a toast of Hennessy X.O and forge new connections. Guests were invited to discover Hennessy X.O’s commitment to perfection through its seven tasting notes, expressed in signature cocktails.

The evening also showcased the limited-edition collection, “Dragon’s Odyssey,” a fusion of tradition and innovation, brought to life by the visionary artistry of Chinese artist Yang Yongliang, in celebration of the Year of the Dragon.

Hennessy Dragon’s Odyssey

Adding depth to the evening was a masterclass session featuring Captain Arivananthan, a highly respected Master Mariner and Design Thinking expert certified by MIT and IDEO University. His keynote address on leadership stressed on the contemporary challenges faced by young entrepreneurs, enriching the audience with valuable insights to workplace management.

The night concluded with a spectacular convergence of spirits, toasts, and music, immersing guests with a profound appreciation for the excellence embodied by Hennessy X.O. The evening not only fostered newfound camaraderie among young entrepreneurs, but also served as a platform for forging meaningful connections and exchanging knowledge on the shifting economic landscape. Moreover, it serves as a celebration of visionary leadership, raising a toast to bold individuals who fearlessly venture into new territories in business and beyond.

This story first published on The Peak Malaysia April 2024 Issue.

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