Enter The Year of the Dragon With Hennessy

Hennessy welcomes the Majestic Year of the Dragon with ‘Dragon’s Odyssey’ a limited-edition collection by visionary Chinese artist Yang Yongliang.
Hennessy Chinese New Year

The Hennessy Chinese New Year 2024 Collection, ‘Dragon’s Odyssey’, by Chinese Artist Yang Yongliang.

As the vibrant hues and lively celebrations of the Chinese New Year approach, Hennessy, the iconic cognac house with a rich history spanning 163 years, is poised to usher in the auspicious Year of the Dragon with an exceptional limited- edition collection titled “Dragon’s Odyssey.” This exceptional series embodies the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, brought to life through the visionary artistry of Chinese artist Yang Yongliang.

Known for his adeptness at seamlessly melding traditional Chinese art with contemporary digital technology, Yang Yongliang draws inspiration from his childhood memories and his unique upbringing in a picturesque water town in Greater Shanghai.


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“It was important to me to work with a brand that has respect of its own history and traditions, as Hennessy does. It links the present to the past in everything it does, and I resonated with that. My inspiration for this collection comes from my special fondness for dragons –they’re so symbolic and legendary, and I grew up hearing stories about them. When I was a young boy, my grandmother gave me an antique coin with a dragon on it. I wanted to share that memory in this Hennessy collaboration, and that’s why the dragon has a metallic surface, like a childhood memory of seeing a dragon on a coin. I hope this inspires people to learn more about the historical and cultural contexts of dragons,” says artist Yang Yongliang.

Hennessy Chinese New Year

‘Dragon’s Odyssey’ by Chinese Artist Yang Yongliang. From left: Hennessy V.S.O.P, Hennessy Paradis, Hennessy X.O

The collection unveils a mesmerising digital art piece, breathing life, movement, and energy into metallic dragons gracefully dancing in and out of waves. Remarkable attention to detail is showcased, with a three-dimensional element capturing the texture of the dragon’s skin and teeth.

Each bottle is adorned with carefully chosen colours: red for joy and luck, and gold for prosperity. The collection comprises three exquisite variants – Hennessy V.S.O.P, the first blend crafted for royalty; Hennessy Paradis, the most harmonious blend from a rare and collectible decanter; and Hennessy X.O, a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.

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