Affinidi Has A Plan That Would Let Us Represent Our True Selves Online Authentically

CEO Glenn Gore leads AFFINIDI’s efforts to revolutionize data ownership and develop self-sovereign identity solutions,
by Zat Astha

“How They See It,” is where we delve into the minds of those steering the ships of today’s most dynamic companies. In this instalment, we ask Glenn Gore about the work he does as CEO of AFFINIDI, an organisation that empowers developers to create identity solutions prioritising user autonomy. He shares a passionate and insightful perspective on the company’s core mission, its innovative approach to digital identity, and the future of data sovereignty and ownership.

Imagine a world where digital identities are seamlessly integrated. Where your personal data is as intrinsic to you as your physical self and treated with the utmost respect and privacy. This is the vision that guides us at Affinidi, where as a pragmatist and disruptor, I am committed to redefining the boundaries of digital identity and data management.

At Affinidi, data is the lifeblood of our daily interactions and is essential to all facets of identity — personal, corporate, or brand-related. Our mission is to spearhead a shift towards privacy-first designs that empower individuals. We’re creating a hub of innovation where new standards for digital interaction are established, enhancing individual autonomy and promoting empowerment with a privacy-first focus in today’s digital age.

The importance of our work is magnified by today’s digital landscape, characterised by the Internet’s everlasting memory and the pervasive integration of artificial intelligence across industries. These technologies can detect and leverage patterns in data on a massive scale, profoundly impacting privacy, data ownership, and the extraction of value from personal information.

The emerging threats of deepfakes and identity theft underscore the urgent need for innovative, secure identity management solutions. At Affinidi, securing digital identities is a priority as we navigate an increasingly digitised society, ensuring individuals can confidently claim their digital existence.

The necessity for a company like Affinidi arises from the increasing prevalence of misinformation and the blurring lines between reality and falsehood, highlighted during events like the COVID pandemic and geopolitical conflicts.

This environment underscores our commitment to empowering individuals to represent their true selves in a highly connected digital world, unlocking opportunities without losing their privacy or sense of self.

Mission to empower user autonomy

Despite the clear necessity of our work, many misunderstand the feasibility of a reality where data is entirely privacy-first and consent-driven. They have become accustomed to free platforms designed to capture and confine us within beautiful walled gardens of data that seem impossible to escape.

However, envisioning a different world — one where individuals can take ownership of their identity and data in exchange for privacy and trusted relationships — is not only possible but essential. Our aim is to shift away from existing data ecosystems and adopt new concepts that prioritise individual rights and privacy.

Success for us is a world where billions have reclaimed their data and digital identities, thereby creating holistic user experiences that provide new ways for everyone to extract value from their data.

This concept, which we call Holistic Identity, allows individuals to manage their private information effortlessly. It involves consolidating all their digital identities into a private vault, giving them the power to dictate what information they share and with whom, while ensuring the integrity of their data is secured.

Affinidi aims to create a unified, holistic view of our digital identities, enabling new ways to leverage our data through a concept known as Holistic Identity.

Blueprint for the Future

The most challenging aspect of my role is maintaining daily belief in the possibility of achieving what often seems impossible. Despite scepticism from others who may say, “It’s not needed, no one wants it, you won’t make money from it,” my commitment to our vision is unwavering. Supported by a team equally dedicated to transforming our digital future, we continue to strive towards realising this new reality.

Addressing criticisms about decentralised systems, which typically require a higher level of technical understanding and personal responsibility, we are refining these technologies at Affinidi to ensure they are accessible to everyone.

By leveraging battle-tested technologies from decentralised innovations, we are able to inherently mitigate various threats through the distributed nature of decentralisation, while implementing multi-layered defence strategies that lead to an overall higher level of security for everyone, as compared to centralised systems.

Privacy-first solutions

To accelerate our goals, the formation of a strong community of like-minded individuals and organisations who share our vision is essential. Technological advancements in personal computing hardware that support the decentralised processing of data would greatly benefit our goals.

Additionally, igniting consumer passion for data privacy is crucial. We need to educate and empower people to understand the value of their data and the importance of privacy, encouraging them to demand higher standards from both governments and businesses.

When consumers start to see their data as a valuable, treasured asset that they own and deserve to protect, there will be a significant shift in market demands and regulatory landscapes.

This shifting dynamic dovetails with the rising influence of today’s youth, who give me great hope in the current global landscape. Today’s youth are not just passive observers but active participants in shaping their future. They are leveraging technology to dismantle traditional barriers and have democratised many industries, empowering young individuals to become influential online personalities.

This burgeoning creator’s economy signifies a powerful transformation: it has never been easier to produce and share content, innovate, and connect with a global audience. At Affinidi, we are inspired by this transformation and committed to supporting it by enhancing how we manage, protect, and value our digital identities and data. This vision drives us forward, and with collaboration and innovation, we are transforming it into a reality.

This story originally published on The Peak Singapore.

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