Belgian Haute Chocolate Brand Marcolini Makes Its 20th Birthday a Global Affair!

Belgian Haute Chocolate Brand Marcolini Makes Its 20th Birthday a Global Affair!

The incredibly stylish chocolate house marks two decades of sweet memories with its 20 Grand Cru collection.

Embracing a true “bean to bar” philosophy, world-renowned chocolatier Pierre Marcolini travels the globe to connect with other like-minded cacao enthusiasts and discover the purest ingredients for enhancing his exquisite truffles, macarons, and other confections.

Marcolini founded his eponymous Maison in 1995, but it was only in 2001 that he started producing the chocolate for his creations. This month, as the brand celebrates 20 years in business, it presents a new collection of 20 Grand Cru chocolate tablets. And to emphasise the brand’s versatility, the tablets are made with cocoa sourced from around the world!


Marcolini Chocolate

Pierre Marcolini

“What I love about chocolate is its universal appeal,” reveals the Belgian in a recent release announcing the big day for his brand.

“Whether Asian, American, or European, everyone can enjoy the fascinating flavours and complex aromatic qualities, such as spice, floral, fruit, and more. It’s very interesting and challenging to work with chocolate because you have so many opportunities to create flavours. Inspiration comes from everywhere – and when you put all these inspirations together, you have thousands of possibilities of chocolate creation.”

Well respected for his chocolate-making techniques, Marcolini is considered the first chocolatier to implement the “bean to bar” process, which is now used by many boutique chocolate houses worldwide. His legendary talents and dedication to quality have helped him become an industry icon.


Marcolini Chocolate

Marcolini Chocolates


With tastes and textures ranging from light and airy to dense and spicy, his chocolates are known for their complex and layered palates. Demonstrating a deep passion for his craft, he sources beans directly from independent cocoa farms in Latin America – including Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, and Peru – as well as other locations in Ghana, Madagascar, and surprise, surprise… also from Vietnam!

Known for his high ethical standards, Marcolini is committed to paying well above market value for his beans – an unusually generous gesture in an industry that has not traditionally treated the growers fairly. By doing so, he supports the farmers and promotes sustainability.

Now just keep all that in mind when you’re tucking into your next box of the brand’s inventive delightfulness…

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