4 Unique Restaurants You Should Not Miss Out On

4 Unique Restaurants You Should Not Miss Out On

Food for thought? Go out and try these amazing food spots.

It is time to be adventurous and take a step into the unknown, savouring different food and drinks from around the world. Here are four of our top picks in the month of May.

Restaurant Alouette Stylist Mette Bonavent


Bringing a little bit of New York to Denmark, Chef Nick Curtin has opened his restaurant Alouette in Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, one of the Danish capital’s old industrial neighbourhoods. A simple menu that focuses on premium ingredients that are exceptionally cooked to bring out their natural flavours, there is no one single influence that can lay claim to Alouette’s cuisine. From Italy all the way to Japan, this contemporary American restaurant serves meals that focus less on its cultural links, and more on the taste palate and how it complements one another. With a seating capacity of 40 and a five-course set meal that serves you the world on a platter, expect the unexpected from Scandinavia’s best kept secret.



With Chef Laurent Gras at the helm, Saison in San Francisco is a memorable experience that offers up modern American dishes that are all made by hand and created in-house. Earning its title as one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants with a menu that changes daily, a direct line to fisherman, ranchers and farmers for the best ingredients and produce, as well as a host for one of the country’s largest and most remarkable collection of Old and New World wines, Saison works on elevating the simple things in the most wholesome of manners. Gourmands can expect a redefined twist on American cuisine, with a palate further enhanced by the art of fire cooking, in this intimate Michelin-starred restaurant.



A celebration of Australian-cooked meats barbecued over custom-made grills and ovens for a taste like no other, Burnt Ends brings the outback to Singapore, with a gourmet twist. Hosting an open-kitchen concept headed by Chef Jake Kellie, winner of the San Pellegrino Young Chef of the Year in 2018, and owned by esteemed Australian chef Dave Pynt, Burnt Ends delivers the quality and craftsmanship that is to be expected from its Michelin-starred status, with the ambiance of your local favourite hangout spot. Drawing heavy influences from Down Under for its menu, with culinary options such as flank with burnt onions and bone marrow bun available, this Australian experience is further sold by the restaurant’s extensive list of Australian wine pairings, all nestled in Singapore’s Chinatown.



Having recently been on an upward trend into the spotlight, Korean cuisine has begun tantalising gourmands worldwide, but none quite as unique as Atomix. Located on East 30th Street in New York and run by husband and wife duo, Junghyun Park and Jeungeun Park (Ellie), this recently opened restaurant has already received a Michelin star within its first few months of operation. Serving a warm yet contemporary ambiance alongside a multi-course tasting menu that changes seasonally, each dish is served with a menu-flashcard that educates you linguistically on the meals you consume, so you take home with you more than just a delicious meal. Handmade tableware, custom-made uniforms and a space which has been remade by a famous Seoul architecture firm, Atomix brings the locality of Korea to you without even needing to leave New York.



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