The Value Of A UK Boarding School Education

PrepWorks, an education consultancy, is here to bring the very best of boarding schools to the comfort of your own home.

Sevenoaks School

UK student visa issuances are up by 0.5% versus pre-COVID levels, with Australia seeing the most increase at 34%, Canada at 17% and the US at 11%. Malaysians are still going abroad for education and even more so now than before.

With social media at times throwing doubt to the value of higher education and if a degree is worth the high price tag, supported with evidence of the Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world having made it without one, parents are still realistic that they are a case of one in a million and the surest way to a better future is still a top school and university degree. 

In fact, some might agree that being a parent is primarily giving our offspring the best headstart in life before they venture out on their own – this could come in the form of teaching them healthy habits at home to providing them with the best education they can afford. Therefore it is no wonder that parents will still save and send their children abroad to globally-ranked schools and universities, even as young as 13 years old. This is not only happening in Malaysia but parents from China fully subscribe to this, being the country with the biggest pool of international students globally. 


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The British education has been one of the best in the world for many decades, apparent from the curriculum that has been used worldwide such as the Cambridge IGCSE and A level programs. The rate of growth for international schools, most teaching the British curriculum, has grown from 60+ in 2010 to over 200 now in 2024. Parents see the value in having an internationally recognised qualification and sending them abroad is a small part of it as a way to ensure they are taught in the very best schools.

It is not only for the exceptional teaching or the fact these schools are centuries old stooped in tradition and culture, churning out 20 British Prime Ministers and actors like Tom Hiddleston, but also the opportunity to experience a broader education: this would come in the form of learning subjects more towards humanities such as History of Art or Philosophy, gaining life skills which are harder to nurture with all the luxuries of home such as independence and being part of a wider community with a larger melting pot of cultures, to having an unlimited hand in using world-class facilities such as art studios, rooftop observatories, performance halls and learning activities like windsurfing, sailing or being part of an incredible orchestra or choir.


PrepWorks, an education consultancy, is here to bring the very best of boarding schools to the comfort of your own home, through our Virtual Boarding School Fair on Friday January 19th 2024, to give curious families a chance to explore this exceptional option.  Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to ask questions and figure out if the education path of boarding school is for your child, in allowing him or her to thrive and be the best version of themselves.

We have the Head of Admissions from top schools like Sevenoaks, Radley, Abingdon and Shrewsbury College to name a few, with several informative talks to help you decide: schools which boast a percentage beyond local schools in accumulating destination of leavers into top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge University and offer the epitome of a holistic education. Do check them out and learn more because it could be the best decision you ever made.

To register for the fair on January 19th and to learn more about the 12 top UK Boarding Schools attending, visit here.

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