Triton submarine: a stylish family-sized submersible for six

Triton submarine: a stylish family-sized submersible for six

Spacious and Phase 3-ready, the Triton 3300/6 also happens to have the largest spherical viewing dome in the business

Exploration, whether by land, sea or air (and beyond), is often lonely business. That’s understandable – you just can’t afford to bring any stragglers along for the ride. However, that doesn’t mean it should be impossible. Enter the Triton 3300/6 submersible, the only six-seater, 1,000m rated sub in the world.

It’s the perfect vehicle for a family or a biggish group of friends – and we don’t mean any of that elbow-to-elbow business either. The journey is part of the experience, and Triton’s subs are designed to ensure that these journeys are anything but arduous.

That means plush leather seats, hand-finished upholstery and plenty of wiggling room, possible mainly due to the 3300/6’s incredible acrylic sphere. It’s made out of an optically perfect, distortion-free glass that’s completely colourless underwater, granting ocean-goers clear skylines from any angle. To that end, air conditioning and lighting systems are hidden behind passengers’ seats as well.

Apart from relaxed seating, Triton’s signature ‘pontoon’ design keeps the sub as level as possible, all in an effort to help junior explorers, still getting their sea legs, on board. A welcomingly sized hatch and access stairs offer further ease of ingress.

Through this all, the Florida-based company maintains an unerringly high standard of dependability and reliability for its craft – which is only natural when you’re making something that’s designed to descend into the depths of the sea. Crafting a sphere this roomy for your sub is quite the engineering feat, especially once you factor in the kilotons of pressure and ocean water it’s keeping out.

This follows the brand’s success with the 36000/2 – the world record holder for deepest dive, and only submersible ever, so far – certified to unlimited depth. The 3300/6, however, is a pleasure craft first and foremost. Those looking for dependable deep sea rigs for exploration or filmmaking purposes can refer to Triton’s submersible fleet here.

The Triton 3300/6 was created to meet burgeoning demand from the brand’s clients for larger capacity submersibles. Discerning sea explorers they may be, but exploring’s always more fun with friends and family – especially when recreating any Blue Planet-esque travel fantasies.

This story first appeared in The Peak Singapore 

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