Holiday Destinations That Match Your Personality

No matter what your personality type, there is a getaway that’s just right for you.
Text by Corina Tan

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There’s a vacation spot somewhere in the world that matches your personality to a tee. Whether you’re energetic, curious or laid back, here are some getaway suggestions that may just be right for you.

High energy: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Casa Rosada Presidential Palace at Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires has beautiful architecture, cultural attractions, colourful street art, delicious food and vibrant nightlife with its swanky lounges to vibrant tango halls called milongas. Full of non-stop activity to indulge in, there’s never a dull moment in this lively city.

Adventurous: Iceland


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If you are constantly searching for activities that draw you out of your comfort zone so that you can experience something new and life-changing, an excursion to Iceland could be just the ticket. Here you can indulge in some heart-racing glacier hiking, ice caving and snow kiting. Nothing short of physically challenging, this may be what your daredevil heart desires.

Extroverted: Tokyo, Japan

If you have loads of friends, thrive in social settings, and are most often than not the life of any party, Tokyo may be the city for you. With tons of unique attractions and unconventional entertainment options to keep you stimulated, you will be spoilt for choice in a city fit for gregarious night owls and extroverted travellers.

Inquisitive: Edinburgh, Scotland

The city itself consists of seemingly endless series of narrow alleyways, covert courtyards, secret gardens and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. A network of hand-carved underground passageways can be found at Gilmerton Cove, whose origins are shrouded in myth. While there are various theories regarding the function of these curious caves, the truth remains unknown. Adding to the mystery is Edinburgh Castle, considered one of the most haunted in the world.

Laid back: Tulum, Mexico


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If unwinding on a beach with the wind in your hair and a drink in one hand is your idea of a soothing vacation, Tulum is the perfect place to rest and relax. Stress fades away at this beachside location, with an array of calming activities like yoga and pampering massages. Spend your afternoons lounging in a hammock as the gentle sound of the ocean waves lull you to sleep.

Romantic: Rome, Italy


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Paris may be the city of love, but Rome is the capital of romance! This ever-alluring destination will capture your heart and seduce your senses with an irresistible combination of warm ambiance, iconic architecture, awe-inspiring art, mouth-watering food, and world-class wine. If your idea of a dream date is a candlelit dinner in one of the most historical and romantic places on earth, there is no better place to visit.

Adapted from avid travel writer, Lindsay Cohn.

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