The Countdown to Hari Raya Begins with Royal Selangor

The Countdown to Hari Raya Begins with Royal Selangor

Usher in the wonderful spirit of celebration at home with Royal Selangor this festive season.

With the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations just around the corner, the question is, with the pandemic still raging and all, how will the merriment this time around pan out in a slightly more intimate setting with just family and close friends?

Well, it shouldn’t be short of fabulous, that’s how! And helping you achieve this is Royal Selangor, with its gorgeous pieces as special gift sets and a multitude of wonderful accessories to make celebrating at home among loved ones an unforgettable affair.

Add a dash of nostalgia to your Raya celebrations with Royal Selangor's Gembira tea set

Add a dash of nostalgia to your Raya celebrations with Royal Selangor’s Gembira tea set

Obviously, the focal point of any upcoming Raya celebrations would undoubtedly be around the dining table as everyone looks forward to tucking into delicious homemade goodies like rendang, ketupat and dodol. So, dressing up the dining area at home should perhaps be a key priority. For this, the Gembira tea set adds a wonderful sense of style with a nostalgic 1950s vibe, which is perfect when accompanied by classic Raya songs playing in the background.

And, of course, Raya is also a time for unbridled conversation among loved ones reunited, and, boy, will that drum up quite a thirst. So, keep your festive refreshments conveniently cool with Frost, Royal Selangor’s latest collection with glass and decanter that come with cooling coasters. After all, serving lukewarm sirap bandung is just not the kind of inspiration that your guests will be looking forward to now, is it?

So, keep your drinks fresh with the Frost glass, by chilling the coaster in the freezer for three to four hours, and your preferred beverage in the refrigerator for an hour, before serving. The chilled coaster should then keep your drink sufficiently cooled for about two hours.

With all the gastronomic excitement set to happen mostly in the dining room, do remember to also give your living room a bit of a makeover as well. After all, this is where everyone will end up after filling their tummies and nursing food comas.

And yes, something like a pretty floral arrangement here will make a big difference – introducing colour, a touch of greenery, natural fragrance and visual variety to your interior. Bring the exuberance and glamour of 1920s Art Deco to your space with something like a vase for the flowers from the Streamline collection, a collaboration between Royal Selangor and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.

Of course, Raya also gives everyone the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends that we have long lost touch with. So, why not get a group video call going to catch up with these mostly faraway individuals, and bring them closer to your heart? This is just too easy with Phonos, a pod amplifier that seamlessly amplifies video calls, podcasts and playlists from your mobile phone anywhere, anytime. It’s also a really great Raya gift for anyone who owns a mobile phone.

Raya, however, is definitely more for the kids than anyone else. So, aside from generously handing out the green packets to the little ones, why not make this time extra special for them to create joyful memories with? You can start off by sparking the little ones’ imagination through the world of vintage robots with Robotopia, inspired by clockwork tin toys. Then, ignite the magic of childhood with Royal Selangor’s Disney Music Carousels, which pair beloved characters from its animated universe along with unforgettable signature tunes.

So, enough talk already about how this upcoming Raya is set to be a quieter and more sombre affair on account of the rather unfortunate, current situation. Instead, embrace the fact that it’s always set to be a wonderful, unforgettable and fulfilling Hari Raya when your home is filled with close family, wonderful friends, awesome food and plenty of Royal Selangor.

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