Sparkling art imitates life in DeGem's new DNA Collection

Sparkling art imitates life in DeGem’s new DNA Collection

The science of life has never looked so enticing

Valentine’s Day is rightly considered by many to be the most romantic day of the year. And, yes, traditionally couples celebrate their love for one another in different ways. But while a decadent box of expensive Belgian chocolates or a dozen long-stem red roses will do the trick for most, perhaps nothing comes close to a dazzling diamond gift. Just ask around a bit, if you don’t believe this.

In fact, jewellery is consistently the number one Valentine’s Day gift for women. And while for some it might be a simple yet sentimental piece that will be worn and adored; for others it will be, say, a magnificent diamond ring that symbolises the start of forever. If you (or your significant other) are a believer of the latter, then it’s definitely time to discover DeGem’s DNA Collection!

This brand new collection highlights futuristic diamond jewellery that swirls and pirouettes with every movement a lady makes, with scintillating mirrors of rainbow sparkles reflected on nearby surfaces. Inspired by the graceful DNA structure that carries genetic materials in all living beings, DeGem’s DNA Collection signifies human resilience and strength, and celebrates unique individuality that’s so treasured.

With the DeGem DNA Diamond Ring, inspiration begins with the graceful swirl of DNA double helix motifs. Its structural beauty is enhanced further with contrasting superior cut diamond in shape of round and baguette. This dynamic, lively and edgy piece inspires the wearer with a sense of tranquil strength, hope and balance.

Meanwhile, the DNA Diamond Bracelet sees again the unmistakable design inspired by a graceful DNA swirl double helix motif, with contrasting superior cut brilliant round diamonds and baguette set in 18K white gold enhancing its structural beauty, while rose gold embodies the elegant double helix motif. This dazzling creation allows the piece to synchronise with the movement of the wearer, manifesting the momentum and rhythm of life.

So, how about it then? Could you be the one who brings lovely, indisputable science of the double helix to enhance the ultimate meaning of togetherness during this season for lovers? Check it out online or visit any of its stores in Kuala Lumpur.

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