DeGem celebrates Sapphire stones with their Infinity engagement rings

DeGem celebrates Sapphire stones with their Infinity engagement rings

A colourful alternative

Ever since engagement rings became popular back in the 14th or 15th century amongst the royal and wealthy families, diamonds have always been used as the precious stone of choice. However, with their new Infinity collection, DeGem is shining the spotlight on yet another beautiful stone that proves to be a stunning alternative to the conventional – Sapphire.

With the unveiling of the dazzling blue sapphire engagement ring by Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, women around the world started to appreciate the beauty, mystique and depth of this coloured gemstone. Thus one of the new DeGem Infinity Precious collection engagement rings offers an octagonal shaped natural blue sapphire amidst two baguette diamonds.

A little known fact: the sapphire is actually the birthstone for the month of September; and DeGem also offers a unheated pink sapphire in two variations adding a touch of colour and uniqueness to the engagement rings. All the sapphires featured in this collection are certified natural, unheated gemstones, representing the sincere love of a man to his woman.

Infinity Wedding Bands

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Infinity Rings – Tia

Infinity Rings – Siobhan

Infinity Rings – Sophea

Infinity Rings – Sandy

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