Samsung's Buds2 are the perfect addition to your Galaxy universe

Samsung’s Buds2 are the perfect addition to your Galaxy universe

It might have been only two short years since Samsung released the Galaxy Buds, but its successor boasts a host of improvements that opens up a new world of audio...

Right off, Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds2 are noticeably smaller than its predecessor, ensuring a better and more comfortable fit. At only 5g each, they are barely noticeable when in use, but despite their miniscule size, the Buds2 pack a wide range of features that ensure a seamless experience with your other Samsung gadgets.

While they are compatible with both Android and iOS, you will enjoy more features with Android and, especially, Samsung smartphones. For example, certain Samsung models, including the new Galaxy Z Flip3 and Fold3, boast Wireless PowerShare, an innovative feature that turns your smartphone into a wireless charger. Any time your Buds2 is running low on battery, simply connect it wirelessly to your smartphone and use Wireless PowerShare for a boast of power.

Controlling the Buds2 is intuitively simple – a single tap to play or pause, two taps to skip forward and three to rewind, while a double tap turns the volume up or down. Alternatively, you can control them with your smartphone through the Galaxy Wearable app, which also allows you to view the status of your Buds2, choose from six EQ pre-sets, customise their settings as well facilitate software updates.

Galaxy Wearable also features the Earbud Fit Test and Find My Buds, particularly useful if you misplace your Buds2. The app’s auto-switch feature allows you to seamlessly switch from, say, your Galaxy Tab to your smartphone.

Samsung’s Buds2 gives you seamless connectivity with your other Galaxy gadgets.

One of the most significant additions to the Buds2 would definitely be active noise cancellation. Just press down on the earbud’s touchpad to eliminate external noise or switch back to ambient mode if you want to, say, have a conversation without removing your earbuds.

Noise cancellation, however, does reduce battery life – from 7.5 hours to five hours – but it is a small price to pay for those moments when you want to concentrate on your music without increasing the volume. After all, there is an additional 15 hours available on the charging case so you’re not likely to be caught short when taking that long-haul flight.

Each earbud has a tweeter, woofer and three microphones, and while there is no wind-shield technology, Samsung employs AI to isolate your voice to improve call quality. For entertainment, the Buds2 offer more than decent sound quality – the registers for high and low frequencies are comfortable, while the middle range is rich and nicely balanced. Although, as mentioned earlier, the EQ settings are pre-set, the options available are more than adequate for all manner of entertainment.

The new Galaxy Buds2 come in a choice of four colours.

In a nutshell – no pun intended – the new Samsung Galaxy Buds2 are comfortable and light, and easy to use, especially with the Wearable app. Available in four colours – Graphite, Lavender, Olive and White – it is the perfect complement to your Samsung Galaxy universe, be it Tab, smartphone or Watch.

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