Samsung's Latest Foldable Smartphone Flips Into The Future

Samsung’s Latest Foldable Smartphone Flips Into The Future

Samsung has once again demonstrated that it is pushing the limits of smartphone innovation with the new Galaxy Z Flip.

Moving on further into the future, Samsung is taking the foldable mobile potential to new heights with the Galaxy Z Flip. Bringing with it a new experience in the realm of foldable technology, the Galaxy Z Flip is leading the way forward for bigger and better devices for the future. The Galaxy Z Flip’s biggest feature is, of course, in the form of Samsung’s fi rst foldable glass display that combines the Infinity Flex display with their proprietary bendable Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) that makes the Galaxy Z Flip slimmer and feel much more sturdy to the touch when used. When unfolded, the display is a 6.7 inch full HD dynamic AMOLED display, revealing another Samsung first 21.9:9 ratio screen for better enjoyment of cinematic wide-screen content.

Design-wise, the Galaxy Z Flip is a sleek piece of machinery that remains slim even when folded onto itself. It’s rounded corners and mirror colour palette gives the phone an overall silhouette that remains stylish even as a first-of-its-kind product. Click the Galaxy Z Flip shut and you have a wallet-sized device that’s just right to slip into your pocket or bag, without having to worry about taking up too much space. The Hideaway Hinge was specially engineered to make the experience of flipping and folding the phone smooth and satisfying, while also allowing you to keep the phone open at a range of angles much like a laptop. This means the Galaxy Z Flip is able to perform to your needs and fit in your hands in any way you want it to.

The Galaxy Z Flip brings with it not just an exciting design, but also a whole host of new tech and features to complement it. Thanks to the special hinge, hands-free use is possible whether you’re setting it down on the table for a video chat or setting up a timed selfi e, you’ll have both hands available to get things done. The Galaxy Z Flip also comes with Flex mode, a custom-built user experience which Samsung created to unlock the full potential of the foldable experience. Flex mode automatically splits the screen when the device is free-standing, so you get two 4-inch screens to let you view content on the top screen while doing more on the bottom. This also ties into the Multi-Active Window feature that lets you multitask with multiple apps at once through the split screen feature.

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Camera-wise, the Galaxy Z Flip houses a 10MP front camera right on the display, while the rear dual cameras are 12MP Ultra Wide and 12MP Wide-angle cameras respectively. Prop open your camera and you’ve got an instant tripod, allowing you to record 16:9 videos hands-free or take group photos anywhere at any angle. The 1.1-inch cover display also acts as a viewfinder so you never need to guess your angles when taking selfi es with the rear cameras.

The Galaxy Z Flip also fully utilises the Galaxy ecosystem, with features like Samsung Health and Samsung Pay. It also comes with Samsung Knox, the built-in security system that protects your hardware and data, with regular updates to keep you safe. The Galaxy Z Flip is powered by the Snapdragon 855+ OctaCore processor and 8GB RAM, running on a 3,300mAh dual battery system which supports wireless charging and the Wireless PowerShare feature, and comes with 256GB of internal storage.

The Galaxy Z Flip surely takes a step into the future of foldable technology. As the next player in a whole new generation of smartphones, it sure packs a punch and promises a bright future in the revolution that is sweeping the way we use our mobile devices.

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