Polestar 2 Electric Car Gives Tesla a Run For Its Money

The electric offshoot by Volvo and Geely is expected to be valued at US$20 billion.

As new electric cars enter the market every month in Singapore, the electric revolution is gathering momentum. Polestar has made its debut here with the introduction of its all-electric Polestar 2. The first variant was a plug-in hybrid produced in limited numbers.

Formerly Volvo’s racing skunk works company, Polestar has evolved into a standalone electric offshoot owned by Volvo and Geely. The electric cars are made in China – where more and more electric carmakers are choosing to set up manufacturing headquarters – and shipped worldwide.

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While Tesla focuses more on eye- catching speed, Polestar concentrates on build quality and the ownership experience. However, that doesn’t mean the Polestar 2 is slow. The long-range dual electric motor variant – the top of the line available here – completes the century sprint in 4.7 seconds and has a purported range of 480km.

The other two models brought in are the standard range, which features a single 170kW electric motor and a 69kWh battery pack. The long-range single motor model has an increased battery capacity of 78kWh.

All three are configured as beautiful, five-door fastbacks. The Polestar Destination will soon open in Singapore and will offer test drives and handovers.

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Many of the early reviews praise the car’s luxury design as well as its incredible driving performance. Considering how new Polestar is to the electric segment – less than half a decade – this is quite an achievement.

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MOTOR: Dual motor 300kW POWER: 300kW (408hp) TORQUE: 660 Nm 0-100 KPH: 4.7 secs TOP SPEED: 205 kph RANGE: 480km

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