Part 2: Making New Year’s Resolutions Based on Your Zodiac

If you are open to the concept of zodiacs or the celestial coordinate system, find out how your zodiac could possibly influence the direction you want to go towards.
By Corina Tan

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As promised in Part 1 of Making New Year’s Resolutions Based on Your Zodiac, here are the next 6 zodiac signs:

Libra – Make time for yourself

Similar to Cancer, Libra has also been through difficult times these past few years. You are moving past it now and the newfound serenity and calm will help you to set aside time for some TLC. Take yourself out to a movie or dinner on a regular basis. Buy yourself some self-care gifts that help you get into the right head space for purposeful ‘me’ time where the outcome is a renewed you.

Scorpio – Engage in creative pursuits

Watch out Scorpios for an influx of energy is coming your way. This will provide an excellent outlet for channel your deepest emotions or fell refreshed in creative avenues like painting, writing, and crafting. Any type of creative energy you harness will help you reach your full potential in life and weather any storm.

Sagittarius – Explore new interests

Now is a great moment to realise that you have changed. Sagittarians who used to value travel may not value it as much anymore, or they may become disenchanted with certain topics and subjects that they used to be very keen on before. It is time to explore new things and pursue budding interests. You are going to want to find a new source of enrichment and inspiration.

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Capricorn – Be grateful

Capricorns will benefit from taking a step back and realising how strong they have been and how well they have weathered the storms of recent years. Capricorns tend to progress but never appreciate how far they’ve come. Instead of constantly looking to the future, take some time to recognise and be grateful for all the progress you have made. When you feel disheartened or discouraged by what the future holds, remind yourself of all the things you have achieved so far. Keeping a gratitude journal will help put things in perspective.

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Aquarius – Organize your life

The time is nigh to rebuild and reorganise aspects of your life. Whether it is your office, your home, your computer files, your recipes, or just about anything that needs your focus, this is the moment to do all the sorting out that you have been putting off. Keeping this habit will help you to get into the right headspace to organise your life on a grander scale in the new year.

Pisces – Give up your biggest vice

If there ever was a time to give up something that you are addicted to, now would be that time. Any means that you have used to escape reality, can be fuelled to get much, much worse if you allow it to continue. Even if your addiction is something seemingly harmless like watching too much Netflix, it will still hinder you from focusing on other goals. The bottom line is that, this is either the time to reach your full potential or waste the opportunity. Give up your biggest vice and replace it with a conscious and beneficial habit like meditation, journaling or even setting out a workout routine. Whatever you do, the point is to create a positive habit that will put you in the right mindset to achieve your dreams, and leave all the negative behind.

Source: Emily Ridout, astrologer.

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