Live an extraordinary life with BoConcept

Live an extraordinary life with BoConcept

Ekstraordinær Since 1952, the Danish furniture maker celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Founded in 1952 by Danish craftsmen and cabinet makers, Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm, BoConcept is one of the leading names in furniture. The world’s most global furniture retailer, with over 310 stores in more than 67 countries, BoConcept is one of the pioneers of Danish aesthetics. The company has evolved in putting emphasis on design, functionality and quality for both the home and working space.

This year is another important milestone for the Danish company. Its 70th anniversary is an opportunity for BoConcept – the word ‘bo’ is Danish for ‘living’ – to celebrate its significant contributions to the world of furniture and how it has made a difference to the lives of its consumers. Ekstraordinær Since 1952 is an evolution of BoConcept’s Live Ekstraordinær motto. This year, the company is working on the recognition that consumers are shifting towards mindful consumption, a Buy less, buy better approach where integrity is the new exclusivity.

BoConcept’s Cupertino Desk.

During this period, BoConcept is focused on heritage and expertise, featuring the timelessness and quality of its iconic Danish design, as well as unique service offerings, including Interior Decoration Service and customisation options. This year is an opportunity to look back at the past 70 years and their significance for the brand, celebrating its iconic designs and ’70 YEARS OF’ modularity, flexibility, personalisation, form follows function, Danish style, style over fashion and self-expression. You can find out more about BoConcept’s contemporary Danish designs here.

With its iconic products at the heart of Ekstraordinær Since 1952, look out for new photography and refreshed visuals, as well as in-store and social activations that celebrate the brand, drive awareness of its USPs and reach new consumers, featuring BoConcept’s Global Brand Studio iconic designs. Keep an eye out also for BoConcept’s AW22 collection, which arrives in stores in September.

The Modena Chair.

“We are really excited about launching this new campaign, representing the next step in the Live Ekstraordinær journey. Our 70th anniversary celebration is a fantastic opportunity to inspire consumers with a year full of surprises, activities and amazing offers. We are looking forward to a Year of Ekstraordinær!” says Paula Mc Guinness, BoConcept Chief Marketing Officer.

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BoConcept’s Ekstraordinær Since 1952 will focus on some of its product icons including the Imola Chair.


The Bergamo Sofa.


The Charlotte Chair.


The Princeton Chair.


The Kingston Table.

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