Lamborghini Sends Off The V12 Engine With A Special Edition Supercars

The Invencible and Autentica lift a glass to the legacy of Lamborghini’s V12 in its current, unadulterated form.
by Richard Ng

The current era of electrification and sustainability-first design even in the petrol-fuelled automotive industry meant that Lamborghini’s nutty, naturally aspirated V12 engine in its purest form would eventually have to go.

The tearful goodbye of their all-petrol Aventador has been long coming – the brand technically closed the chapter on their beloved supercar last year – but there’s always time to squeeze in another couple of one-off masterpieces to say farewell in true Lamborghini style.

These are the Invencible and Autentica, a coupe and roadster respectively, created in collaboration with an unnamed long-time customer. As is usual for special edition vehicles, both lean heavily on the Aventador, down to its era-defining carbon fibre monocoque and – as if there was any other choice – massive V12 engine, unadulterated by hybridisation of any kind.

But certain elements are inspired by vehicles from days of Lamborghini past, including the limited edition, extremely lightweight Sesto Elemento, aeronautic-inspired Reventon and track-only Essenza SCV12.

A Lamborghini-favourite motif, the hexagon, feature prominently on the Invencible and its roofless cousin, the Autentica. The tail lamps, exhausts and side mirrors are all moulded in that shape, with further repetitions of that motif on the roof and scissor door detailing (including a six-sided Italian flag).

The motif is repeated within the cars’ carbon fibre and leather-clad interiors, which are kept deliberately minimalist with zero instrumentation on the console apart from hexagonal 3D-printed air vents and a tiny dashboard. The focus therefore, is the driving experience and driving experience alone.

Rather fitting, since these cars will be the actual, actual final Lamborghini vehicles to roll out of their factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, hefting a 12-cyclinder 6.5L engine under the hood, delivering 720Nm of torque to all four wheels.

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