Glenfiddich’ Ambassador Brett Bayly Celebrates Extraordinary Moments With Grand Series

The series embodies elevated luxury, opulence and pleasure with every sip.
Words by Corina Tan & Janice Teh

Glenfiddich Grand Series

The world has come to know Glenfiddich as the World’s Most Awarded Single Scotch Whiskey produced by William Grant & Sons Ltd, an independent family-owned distiller in the United Kingdom since 1887. Launching the Glenfiddich Grand Series, the company pushes the status quo, turning ordinary celebratory moments into extraordinary ones. The Grand Series encompasses three perfect spirits in an unexpected marriage of luxury and tradition. The series embodies elevated luxury, opulence and pleasure with every sip.

Glenfiddich Ambassador Brett Bayly

We spoke to Brett Bayly, the Regional Brand Ambassador for Glenfiddich in Southeast Asia, who always discovers a new whisky mecca and pushes their offering to the limit. He tells us about the demand for Single Malt in Malaysia.

Glenfiddich prides itself in a shared luxury of maverick mastery and exclusive craftsmanship over five generations. Glenfiddich first ran from the stills on Christmas Day, 1887. Adopting revolutionary methods and practices Grant’s maverick attitude to whisky production saw Glenfiddich excel for over a hundred and thirty years, becoming the first single malt whisky to be promoted outside of Scotland, and ultimately becoming the best-selling and most awarded single malt whisky in the world. Like our founder, we’ve never stood still. Never rest on our laurels. Being a maverick is in our DNA.

“When it comes to the world of whisky, people will tell you there are rules and traditions to adhere to. Glenfiddich didn’t believe that 133 years ago and they don’t believe it now.”

“The Glenfiddich Grand Series celebrates the unexpected marriage of two traditional worlds to take luxury to a new level. The Grand Series is a beautifully disruptive series of Single Malt that promises pleasure, celebrates milestones and oozes opulence. Each of the expressions has been crafted to elevate a traditional celebratory occasion in a new, relevant, and compelling way, bringing forth a crescendo to every occasion.” Brett says.

L-R: Gran Reserva, Grand Cru and Grande Couronne

Gran Reserva: Raised in Scotland. Roused by the Caribbean

Adding an indulgent finishing touch to any moment, the Gran Reserva transforms the uncommon into the unequalled. Every occasion deserves a celebration –a toast to personal triumphs in barefoot luxurious fashion and savour the very best of Scotland and the Caribbean with golden hour in a bottle. Mellowed for 21 years in meticulously selected American and European oak casks and finished for six months in Caribbean Rum casks, the liquid builds to a crescendo of sweet toffee and spicy exotic warmth. Encased in a vibrant, deep amber packaging and reminiscent of the warm hues of beach sunsets complete with Caribbean-inspired illustrations, the Gran Reserva is a blend of tradition and rebellion.

Grand Cru: The finest flavours from Scotland and France fused through the art of experimentation.

The Grand Cru is as far from ordinary as whiskies come. Daring and unexpected, this is an expression that redefines moments of celebration with true luxury and elegance. Matured for 23 years in hand-selected oak casks, the exceptional liquid is finished in rare French cuvée casks for six months –the first and only Glenfiddich expression to be finished in such casks. Corked in a bottle of black glass embellished with gold foil, its lavish exterior offers hints of the indulgence that awaits. A true testament to craftsmanship, this masterpiece of whisky-making exudes elegance on the nose while bringing sophisticated richness to the palate; an impeccable accessory for any social event of the season.

Grande Couronne: The crowning glory to your celebrations.

The crowning glory to any occasion and the epitome of true opulence is the Grande Couronne. Its very name, meaning crown in French, seals the promise of the pleasure to come; the pinnacle of the night’s revelry. Setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration, this rich and regal whisky is aged for 26 years before receiving an extended finish of up to two years in rare French cognac casks, painstakingly sourced in limited quantities. Unveiling exquisite layers of sweet toasted oak and velvety aromas, the Grande Couronne is the piece de resistance of the Glenfiddich Grand Series. Secured with a 26-sided gold closure and adorned with gold filigree, each bottle holds the key to unparalleled magnificence, nestled in beautiful packaging embellished with fresco artwork. Designed press at the most important of occasions, the Grande Couronne is single malt ascended.

To mark this highly anticipated launch and to unveil the Grand Series, an immersive exhibit, dinner and tasting were held at The Glenfiddich Grand Gala. Guests were beckoned to embark on a sensorial journey to unveil the sensibilities of the three expressions through sight, sound and taste.

L-R: Southeast Asia Brand Ambassador for Glenfiddich, Brett Bayly and Chef Lroy Lim

Revealed against a backdrop unique to each spirit’s expression and representation of luxury, an ensuing three-course degustation dinner was developed by Head Chef Lroy Lim of Willow Kuala Lumpur. Tasting alongside the exceptional liquids, the menu served included tantalising courses complementing the Grand Series in its entirety.

Wondering about the best whiskey pairing for your meal?  According to Brett Bayly, the Regional Brand Ambassador for Glenfiddich in Southeast Asia, It’s always about experimenting with different palates and developing what stimulates the senses.

“Recently, it was pairing single malt with fermented squid guts (as the chef described it) that broke the mental barrier I had in my head, allowing me to bring this crazy tangy, funky flavour to the sweet balance of the whisky. It was honestly a revelation! With that in mind, I demand people to experiment! The best way to broaden horizons is through experience. Experiment with different whiskies and the same dish, experiment with different dishes against the same whisky. All this experience will help create anchor points that allow you to define in greater detail what you are sampling within the drink. Last but not least, have a baseline. Choose a whisky like Glenfiddich 12, something that you are familiar with, then pair that with a multitude of dishes, but also as a comparison to other whiskies you are sampling, young, old or anything in between!” Brett shared.

Smells and tastes have the ability to alter one’s emotions. What do you hope the Grand Series evokes when savoured?  “My hope, consideration of why. Why are we opening this bottle, why did we buy it in the first place? Why did we gather this group of people? Why are we drinking from this style of glass? Why are or aren’t we adding a mixer? This consideration of why is what will lead to people really understanding the drink inside, as each SKU has gone through this occasion-led thought process, that really demands someone to do so. Taste and smell are absolutely built into this, with the flavours being designed to help you consider if you are embracing, celebrating, or crowning the occasion you are there for.”

The Glenfiddich Gran Reserva, Grand Cru and Grande Couronne will be available for purchase at Wholly Spirits Retail, WW Warehouse, WL Wine Warehouse and The Chamber from 1st July 2022 onwards. For more details, visit Glenfiddich.

Photos: Glenfiddich

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