Get Aston Martin’s design know-how in a private residence near you

Get Aston Martin’s design know-how in a private residence near you

Helicopters, boats and what the British brand is best known for. Cars, sold separately

The iconic British marque is flexing its design chops yet again – and this time, it’s going even further. After all, helicopters and boats are still vehicular in nature, which is what Aston Martin’s engineers have been focusing on for just over a century. This time though, they’ll be tackling a different beast altogether – real estate.

They roped in some help – S3 Architecture, a sustainability-focused urban design studio based in the Big Apple – to construct a gorgeous private residence in the middle of New York’s scenic Hudson Valley.

Sylvan Rock is modernist (yet rustic) through-and-through, featuring striking and strikingly sustainably architecture comfortably hidden in a 55-acre wooded plot. Think multi-functional wellness pods, ecologically-focused design and plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows to stare out of whilst nestling a cuppa.

Says Cathol Loughane, head of Aston Martin Partnerships: “Creating a luxury residence with warm textures, bold forms, and exceptional privacy is very aligned with Aston Martin’s own vision. We also wanted the owners and their guests to experience the three-dimensional feel of the house in an organic way, just like you experience one of our cars – there is no single facade that dominates.”

In that vein, Sylvan Rock is an all-round good looker, no matter what direction you’re coming from. The main residence is all blackened cedar and jagged roof structures evocative of the natural lines of rock formations surrounding the estate. Four bedrooms, two half-baths and four bathrooms give you plenty of elbow room to knock about (especially when you consider the fact that there’s about 8,430 sq ft of total residential space).

“When designing, we always let the land speak first and respond to it,” says S3 Architecture partner and Registered Architect Christopher Dierig.

The winding 2,000-foot driveway and three-car automotive garage – to store Aston Martins, of course – add to the sense of space. They’ve even managed to sneak in the brand’s signature cross-hatched lattice design into the wine cellar, a sommelier slash gearhead’s dream come true.

For entertainment, the property also comes with a pool and 873 sq ft pool house. There’s also a wellness pavilion, which, when suitably staffed, becomes an escape within an escape.

That’s not all the estate has to offer. Much like its cars, Aston Martin intends for the residential experience to feel three-dimensional. The roar of the engine works in tandem with leather seats and well-designed liveries for a multi-sensorial experience – as for Sylvan Rock, that means the embodiment of top hospitality and a self-sufficient ethos.

A trio of guest pods and a tree house bring you even closer to nature, while functioning as offices when no one’s here to visit. Finally, and most notably, the estate comes with its own dedicated food garden, more than capable of supplying your farm-to-table fantasies for truly autarkic living.

Believe it or not, this isn’t Aston Martin’s first foray into the world of real estate. It previously designed Aston Martin Residences, Miami, a posh penthouse that came with a free hypercar to boot. Sylvan Rock, however, is its first time designing a whole private residential estate. Along with other automakers like Porsche dipping their toes into real estate, this marks an exciting new era for luxury.

Sylvan Rock is exclusively listed Corcoran Country Living with a list price of around USD10.5 million.

Photos from S3 Architecture / This story first appeared on The Peak Singapore

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