Five Exercise Gadgets To Help You Stick To Your Fitness Resolutions In 2023

Less than one in ten keep to their New Year’s resolutions – here are the health and fitness gadgets that’ll help keep you on track.
by Richard Ng

You might’ve approached 2023 with gusto, armed with a list of impressive resolutions – never mind that they are mostly repeats of 2022’s – only to largely give up on your ambitions to eat healthier or exercise more just weeks into the new year.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone: it is estimated that 80 per cent of us give up on our New Year’s resolutions by the month of February. Only a tenth of that number manage to stick to their guns for the entire calendar year.

Take this list of exercise gear and fitness gadgets as a timely reminder to get moving – whether that be an early morning fifty miler along West Coast Road with your cycling buddies, or a short yoga session after work.

Off-ear headphones for distraction-free running

Credit: Sony

Electronics giant Sony’s recently released off-ear headphones promises high-quality beats, without the usual chafing, distraction or all-around ickiness runners can expect from typical earpieces. Weighing in at just 33g with 10 hours of playtime on a full charge, the Float Run is designed to provide a pressure-free listening experience that keeps the runner aware of their surroundings, while also eliminating that stuffy ‘echo’ from plodding footsteps or laboured breathing.

A GPS bike computer powered by the Sun

Credit: Garmin

Garmin’s Edge 1040 Solar is the bike computer for the cycling enthusiast. Apart from the all-important job of providing accurate GPS navigation and metrics, whether in the dense urban environments of the central business district or under deep tree cover on MacRitchie Nature Trail’s dirt tracks, the bike computer also monitors your exertion levels throughout the ride while providing tips to improve future performance. It helps you stay on track and more importantly, connected in case of emergencies, for up to 100 hours – squeezing an extra whopping 42 minutes per hour thanks to its solar-charging lens during daytime riding, perfect for sunny Singapore.

Smartwatches for the active gentleman

Credit: Garmin

Another luxury Garmin product that bears mention is its second-gen luxury line of MARQ watches, crafted specifically for the active gentleman. It ditches the classic square-screen-and-rubber look of athletic smartwatches in favour of a vibrant touchscreen display topped with domed sapphire lens, alongside high-durability Grade-5 titanium (which the brand says is “five times stronger and harder than most steels). The result is a lightweight, scratch-resistant watch series that provides Garmin’s usual suite of health and wellness features – including activity tracking, whether that be running, swimming, skiing or golf, as well as a heart rate and sleep monitor – while looking rather dapper.

Improve agility and coordination with reflex-based training

Credit: BlazePod/ Facebook

If your New Year’s resolution has to do with improving your faculties for a particular sport, the BlazePod smart light-based training system might be worth considering. The touch-sensitive pods can be tapped with your hands, knees or feet as part of sport-specific training drills, many of which are pre-programmed into the modular training system. It also works as a gamified way of improving general agility, coordination and fitness for generalists.

The all-in-one dumbbell

Credit: Bowflex/ Facebook

No home gym setup is complete without the ever-versatile dumbbell, but therein lies the rub – do you really want to dedicate half of your space to a range of dumbbells? Enter the Bowflex Selecttech 552i, a one-stop solution that adjusts from two to 24kg with the twist of your wrist. Its big brother 1090i version caters to the journeyman with a range of four to 41kg.

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