Albert Yesudian, CEO of Bio-Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd & President of Maserati Club of Malaysia

“I suppose it started when I used to collect matchbox cars as a young boy. I remember playing with models of continental cars and that left an impression on me as these are the vehicles that appeal to me most as an adult. I bought my first car in the 1980s but only began collecting in earnest about 15 to 20 years ago. Of all the carmakers in the world, I’ve always had a liking for Alfa Romeo – the cars complemented my personality so well. They are fast, unique and perform well. One thing led to another and I wound up owning 11 Alfa Romeos in my lifetime, though I currently own only four.

“My collection began with Alfa Romeos but soon it felt like it was time to naturally upgrade to high performance cars, and I found myself meeting my match with Maserati. The best car I’ve driven and owned is, hands down, the Maserati MC Stradale. The ergonomics are wonderful; it handles beautifully on the road and sounds great.

“Once I own a particular model, I set my sights on the next great car and work towards acquiring it. Honestly, I credit my professional success to my passion for cars. I work harder to earn more just so I can buy my next dream car. It’s funny but my cars propelled my career, instead of the other way around!

“At the moment, I have about 25 cars in my collection and I love them all dearly. I drive my Ferrari Testarossa every week to Port Klang, enjoying the roar of the engine. The Alfa Romeo Series 3 Spider is another beauty that I take out on weekends. I cannot express how much joy these cars bring me. I don’t believe that driving is about transporting someone from one place to another, but it’s all about the journey. When I’m out on a drive, I take in the sights and sounds, feeling the wheels on the road and listening to the contented purr of the engine. After all, the beauty of a destination lies in the journey and a beautiful car makes it so.”

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