BMW Motorrad celebrates Four Decades of GS Excellence

BMW Motorrad celebrates Four Decades of GS Excellence

BMW announces a new fast bike sporting the right credentials with its F 850 GS “40 Years GS Edition”

Since 1980, the initials ‘GS’ have stood for unique motorcycles that have always been a part of epic adventure. From Africa to Central Asia, the legendary BMW GS series has raced and explored everywhere in the world these past 40 years. It truly is a motorcycle that has mastered every type of riding terrain known to mankind – powerful and bold despite the elements, making the GS a pioneer of the dual-sport motorcycle type.

To tell the story of this legendary motorcycle series, however, we’ll have to begin in Italy with a company called Laverda back in the mid-1970s. This was when BMW turned to the legendary Italian manufacturer of high-performance motorcycles for inspiration to develop its own off-road two wheeled racer that eventually sparked its own racing revolution. As a result, the BMW R 80 G/S was born in 1980 and become the first ever large production dual-sport motorcycle.

Now, BMW Motorrad Malaysia has just introduced the brand-new BMW F 850 GS “40 Years GS Edition” – thus paying tribute to the model’s 40 years of premium riding enjoyment on every terrain. And for the benefit of uninformed, casual observers out there, the expressive “40 Years GS” lettering on every example leaves no doubts as to this bike’s proud heritage. Of course, its also finished in a one-of-a-kind Blackstorm metallic paint with yellow highlights for good measure, inspired by the R 100 GS, nicknamed ‘Bumblebee’, that ruled the historic Paris-Dakar races in the late 1980s.


Thanks to its wealth of modern technical features, this latest GS is set to be a joy to ride. What’s more, it should also let one continue riding where others get bogged down, especially with its 21-inch tyres and high-quality Brembo brake system that delivers excellent ride characteristics and secure braking in all situations.

For added peace of mind, the new bike also sports ABS Pro and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) as standard, for even more braking and accelerating safety. Meanwhile, the 853cc water-cooled four-stroke in-line two-cylinder engine offers a mind boggling 9 hp at 8,250rpm and 92Nm of torque at 6,250rpm.

Keeping all that power in check is the latest generation of Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and the Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA), providing unparalleled riding performance around corners and across multiple terrain. Dynamic Engine Brake Control and Shift Assistant Pro is also standard, as well as four riding modes that can be accessed via the right handlebar controls.

“The New BMW F 850 GS “40 Years GS Edition” combines striking aesthetics from the classic R 100 GS and modern technical features that make the GS the ultimate choice for all terrains,” revealed Harald Hoelzl, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia.

“With over four decades of enhancements and usage, the model truly encapsulates the #SpiritofGS. Riding the New BMW F 850 GS “40 Years GS Edition” will ultimately invoke the same thrill of riding its adventure-seeking predecessor that won the Dakar Rally 40 years ago.”

Don’t just take anyone’s word for it now: why not arrange for a private viewing session instead at any one of the authorised BMW Motorrad dealerships across the country just to be sure?

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