Bertone’s Latest Supercar Is Powered By Plastic Trash

The Italian-built Bertone GB110 runs on renewable fuel made from upcycled plastic waste.
by Richard Ng

Photo: Bertone

Sleek, speedy and sustainable are three words we’d use to describe Italian coachbuilder Bertone’s brand-new supercar, the GB110. Why? Because the ferocious 1100hp-generating engine beneath its very stylish, very shiny exterior runs on a proprietary renewable fuel made from upcycled plastic trash.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Bertone brand, its proud history began in Grugliasco, northern Italy, circa 1912 as a car manufacturer. The company eventually went bankrupt in 2014, before being acquired and passing through a number of hands until it reached its current owners Mauro and Jean-Franck Ricci, who subsequently reignited the brand as a coachbuilder of ultra-high-end sportscars.

Unveiled as part of Bertone’s 110th birthday celebrations


Credit: Bertone

The coupe, which will be limited to 33 examples, claims to come with a mystery powerplant pumping out 1100nm of torque, with a seven-speed gearbox delivering power to all four wheels. According to Bertone, this allows the car to zip to 100kmh in just 2.79 seconds, eventually topping out at over 380kmh.

Little else is also known about the car’s purported chassis, though images depict a wedge-shaped car with an aggressively sporty aerodynamic profile, complete bold lines, stacked exhaust ports and a pair of classic scissors doors. In essence, expect a “quintessentially Italian [car], both outside and inside”.

The car’s key defining feature – its ability to run on renewable fuel made from upcycled plastic waste – remains a bit of an enigma for now. While Bertone stated that it would provide owners with the sustainable fuel, they did not explain how much they would be providing (or how such an endeavour would even work) – nor did they reveal if the car runs on good ‘ol petrol.

Even if you fail to get your hands on one of the 33 models built come 2024, Bertone promises that the GB110 will, in fact, be the first of many. Exciting.

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