Shin’Labo By James Won Launches Elevated Yoshoku Lunch Set Menu

The experiential Lunch Set Menu called Kikuyu is a curtain raiser to championing a captivating introduction to the restaurant’s elevated Yoshoku cuisine storytelling.
Text by Corina Tan


Since opening its doors to gourmands, connoisseurs and food lovers in February 2022, Chef James Won has been recreating and rewriting distinctly flavourful and unique styled curated menus and beverage dinner experiences with flair, passion and fanfare at his Japanese French Restaurant, Shin’Labo. Newly minted and quickly gaining a celebrated reputation by fans and the media as the ‘Best Japanese Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur’ for elevated Yoshoku, Shin’Labo brings together flavours of the earth and sea.

This month, the restaurant launches an experiential Lunch Set Menu called Kikuyu which is a curtain raiser to championing a captivating introduction to the restaurant’s elevated Yoshoku cuisine storytelling. Elevated Yoshoku is a western influenced Japanese cuisine refined exquisitely through modern French technique, and Shin’Labo chefs seek to showcase this exquisite culinary menu so that guests can experience elevated Yoshoku at their restaurant.

“The attractive pricing is our attempt to introduce elevated Yoshoku cuisine to more Malaysians, so they can experience new and innovative cuisine which centre-stages Malaysian ingredients. This also demonstrates that Malaysian ingredients are equally of high quality and standards as their imported counterparts. With our Kikuyu Menu, we have summarised our lunch experience to create a build-up allowing guests to have a sneak preview to what we offer as a dinner experience, yet without compromising our eloquence, storytelling and savior faire.” elaborates Chef James Won.

The Lunch Menu will be offering two options with Anago (sea eel) at RM268+ per person, and/or A5 Omi Hime Wagyu (beef) at RM298+ per person on Saturdays and Sundays exclusively.

A5 Omi Hime Wagyu

For sunset cocktail chasers, a full-fledged luxe Shin’Lounge offers top end Champagne and Single Malt whiskies with a fine selection of A+ grade Caviar directly sourced from the Caspian Sea at Shin’Labo’s Maison du Caviar Caspienne. Caviar lovers may indulge in this luxury over a drink or as a takeaway to savour with family and friends.

The Kikuyu Lunch Set Menu is available exclusively on weekends from 11.30am to 2.30pm and by reservation only. To review the full menu and to book your seat, please visit here , call 017-9166991 or e-mail.


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