Phuture – A Plant Based Company Offering Alternative Food Solutions

Company’s founders Jack Yap and Lim Jin Yin hope to reinvent the meat experience that you find in your favourite cuisine and infuse the science of technology into the art...
Words by Corina Tan

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, Phuture manufactures and supplies alternative, ready-to-cook proteins packed under the company’s plant-based brand. With its factory in Klang, the company’s founders Jack Yap and Lim Jin Yin hope to reinvent the meat experience that you find in your favourite cuisine and infuse the science of technology into the art of cooking. Their plant-based products are aptly named High Fibre Chick’n, Invincible Mince and Burger Pattees Super Gourmet. The Phuture® proprietary matrix of processing technology incorporates rice into the Phuture® blend, thus mimicking meat by creating the delicious fatty, juicy mouthfeel to their plant-based products. This is achieved through a mix of plant protein, fibre, carbohydrates, fats, natural colours and flavouring, and the use of thermal processing.

With an uptrend in health-conscious consumers considering lifestyle changes that largely involve switching from animal protein to plant-based protein, mock meats and plant derived foods are in high demand. This developing worldwide phenomenon coupled with the increase in food costs, plus the recent chicken shortages, have opened doors for Phuture to position itself firmly in the local market. Phuture’s vision to tackle these global and local issues comes at an opportune time when restaurants and retailers have been pushed to seek alternative solutions to offer consumers looking to fulfil their daily protein requirements.

Most recently, KyoChon which is one of the largest Korean fried chicken restaurants, CU Malaysia which is Korea’s No 1 convenience store partnering with, and Grand Hyatt which is a leading five-star hotel have all signed up with Phuture to provide consumers with plant-based meals and products. The company also plans to expand its base and operations by capturing other major clients which include hotels, reputable restaurant chains, caterers and F &B providers. Notable names include Berjaya Times Square Hotel, La Juiceria Superfoods, ZUS Coffee, Salad Atelier, Sala KL, Fowlboys, M’Laboori by Murni Discovery, and Mori Kohi. It also plans to expand its Halal base with a sub-brand called Phuture Daging, featuring the popular Chef Wan as celebrity chef.

“Plant-based meats were previously not popular here in Malaysia, but we are beginning to overcome perceptions with our ability to customise products according to the preference of our B2B clients. With our recent sign ups including KyoChon and CU Malaysia, we are strategically enabling Malaysians to experience plant-based meals affordably,” said Jack Yap, co-founder of Phuture.

Besides having a presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand, the company is also looking to expand to other potential markets such as Indonesia and the Philippines.  Phuture strives to deliver the highest standards of food quality using only the most ethically sourced ingredients equipped with sophisticated food technology, and customized plant-based food solution according to client needs. The Phuture R & D Team is built from the ground up, composed of talented food scientists from across the globe with over 45 years of combined experience in food science and technology, namely from the US, China, Singapore, Malaysia and more.

As part of its aggressive regional expansion plan, the company has recently engaged Anabelle Co-Martinent as Chief Marketing Officer. Well known for merging her passion for health food, marketing and entrepreneurship, she is synonymous with the visionary growth of La Juiceria Superfoods group, Super Saigon and Hawker Hall restaurants.

“I’m excited to come onboard Phuture at such a pivotal moment. Post pandemic, many have realised we cannot solely rely on meat, with Covid-19 highlighting personal health, sustainability and food safety issues.  My interest in food, technology and my love for marketing come together under this brand, and I hope to continue my quest in making healthy eating sustainable in Malaysia and throughout the region,” added Anabelle.

Phuture meat frozen products are currently available at outlets such as AEON, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G), Vegan District, Ngo Grocer, The Panas Grocer, Groove Grocer (the plant-based company by TME under Grab Mart), and Phuture Shopee.

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