Chef Mandy: ATAS at The Ruma

Chef Mandy Goh brings Euro-Asian cuisine to ATAS at The Ruma. Enlighten your tastebuds with an innovative and creative Seasonal menu.

ATAS at The Ruma welcomes Chef Mandy Goh as their new executive chef.

Executive Chef Mandy Goh from ATAS at The Ruma

Executive Chef Mandy Goh from ATAS at The Ruma

Known for breaking gender barriers in the culinary world, The former St. Regis Langkawi Chef is now at the helm of The Ruma’s innovative and signature restaurant ATAS.

Chef Mandy Goh is no stranger to Malaysia’s bustling culinary scene. Having grown up on the island of Penang, she was exposed to a melting pot of traditional cuisine distinct to Malaysia from a young age. The exposure has led her to create innovative and progressive culinary masterpieces.

The Award-winning Chef was just 21 years old when she won gold at the all-female Malaysia National team for the prestigious Bocuse D’or Asia.  A first for an all-female team to win this highly competitive culinary competition. The recognition encouraged her to further perfect her craft.

Chef Mandy Goh continues to lead with passion

ATAS- The Ruma

ATAS- The Ruma

The emerging Chef has vast working experience around the world. Chef Mandy recently left her role at  The St. Regis Langkawi, her prior roles were Executive Chef of Shanghai’s Fifty 8° Grill Restaurant by Michelin-starred Chef Richard Ekkebus. She also held positions at  The Manor at The St. Regis Macao and the Michelin-starred restaurant Guy Savoy, Singapore.

Her true culinary passion lies in infusing Asian and European flavours with her own original concept. When dining at ATAS be prepared to surprise your tastebuds. During our most recent visit, we sampled the Asparagus Semi Freddo Truffle ice cream- Strawberry, mirin and lychee jus, almond cream, lemon thyme and sea salt. Asparagus ice cream was a first, it’s rich and creamy, yet unfamiliar to the tastebuds as a dessert.

Dining at ATAS requires an open mind, and an adventurous appetite. We were taken by surprise when we were served black chicken feet still attached to a drummet. Black Feet Poulet- Modena-aged vinegar, green tatsoi, black garlic, macadamia, beetroot puree, burnt onion, fava beans, homemade gyoza, and natural jus.

The Cultural Heritage Set Menu

Chef Mandy’s menu evolves with the season, her menu is unique and changes every few months depending on what ingredients are in season. She makes it a point to source ingredients both internationally while seeking produce from local farms.

Her true talent is in her culinary philosophy, where her approach is creative with her own imaginative style. Chef Mandy loves to experiment with flavours and ingredients while uncovering an alchemy of flavours.

The ATAS Journey

Serving Euro-Asian cuisine, Chef Mandy evolves the ATAS journey, bringing more storytelling and experiential elements to the seasonal menu. ATAS is an irresistible invitation to reconnect with the richness of classics reimagined by Chef Mandy with a modern elegant twist.

Chef Mandy debuts three menus – An À La Carte menu featuring Kaluga Hybrid-Light Caviar served with Honey Grid Taco, Grilled Kailan Carbonara with Duck Egg Yolk & Beef Bacon to name a few, and the signature Charcoal Grilled mains.

The Cultural Heritage Set Menu harks back to Asian favourites fusing regional ingredients like Mud Crab Sambal with Sturgeon Caviar and Chef Mandy’s signature Asam Pedas Risotto.

The final pièce de résistance is the Contemporary Set Menu which spotlights Chef Mandy’s artful techniques honed from her culinary influences, which starts off with Buckwheat Blini & Honeygrid Taco, Cranberry & Walnut Bread and the Abalone & Chanterelle Mushrooms infused with Chestnut, Sake Jelly, Pandan & Yuzu.

ATAS, with its name inspired by the Malay word for “upstairs,” exudes a more tongue-in-chic undertone when referring to something “upper-class”, The restaurant features a spacious open-floor plan where guests can browse and occupy the kitchen area at breakfast, before transforming into a show kitchen for a more immersive dining experience during lunch and dinner.

View ATAS’ menu here.

For reservations please click here. WhatsApp : +60 3 2778 0735or E-mail:

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday [closed on Mondays]
12:00 – 14:30

Tuesday – Sunday [closed on Mondays]
18:00 – 22:00

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