Charterhouse UK Opens International Secondary School In Kuala Lumpur

As the first Asia campus of one of Britain’s most prestigious schools, Charterhouse Malaysia benefits from the legacy of heritage as it is well-positioned to harness the exciting future potential...
Words by Corina Tan

Charterhouse is one of UK’s leading independent schools providing outstanding education for students since it was founded in 1611. A Charterhouse education has always been about more than just excelling in qualifications and exams. The school also aims to equip students to lead fulfilled and purposeful lives through values, skills, attitudes, integrity, compassion and sound judgement. The school believes that success in a complex, fast-changing, multi-cultural world can only be attained by a well-balanced and well-informed life approach.

Charterhouse Malaysia

(L-R) Nisha Kaur, Aisyah Sophea, Charterhouse Forum President, His Highness Tengku Amir Shah ibni Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, Raja Muda (Crown Prince) of Selangor, Richard Davidson (Founding Headteacher of Charterhouse International Secondary School, Charterhouse Malaysia), Sabrina Chao 趙式明 , Owner of Charterhouse Malaysia, Andrew Chiu 邱華瑋, Board Member of Charterhouse Malaysia, YM Dato’ Syed Haizam (Chairman, Board of Governors) and Andrew Turner (Senior Deputy Head, Charterhouse UK).

On June 10, 2022, Charterhouse officially launched ‘Charterhouse International Secondary School Kuala Lumpur’ designed specifically with an English-medium curriculum for upper secondary students.  As the first Asia campus of one of Britain’s most prestigious schools, Charterhouse Malaysia benefits from the legacy of heritage as it is well-positioned to harness the exciting future potential of the region.

While the shared DNA with Charterhouse UK means that the values and traditions of the parent school is ingrained in the culture of the school here, the Malaysian campus will enhance innovation and the student journey in upper secondary learning. From curriculum design to the layout of learning spaces, students are encouraged to think and learn independently by engaging in projects in the local community by devising innovative solutions to social issues. This approach not only builds confidence and leadership skills, but also a deeper sense of social responsibility. The Charterhouse Malaysia campus is designed with flexibility and plenty of flow to encourage a diversified learning journey to meet the needs and extend the capabilities of students. Charterhouse inculcates an environment that nurtures independence and responsibility so that when students graduate, they are well prepared for university life.  Charterhouse Malaysia exclusively delivers the globally-recognised A-Level programme—one of the leading pathways to university study.

Speech by Richard Davidson (Founding Headteacher of Charterhouse International Secondary School, Charterhouse Malaysia).

“We are proud of our British roots, secure in our Asian identity and committed to serving a diverse international community.  Our vision is to equip students with the knowledge, skills and passion to make a positive impact not only on their communities, but on the wider world,” says Richard Davidson – Founding Headteacher of Charterhouse International Secondary School, Charterhouse Malaysia.

Davidson adds: “While we cannot predict the future, we can imagine the kind of qualities that people who thrive in times of change will possess at Charterhouse Malaysia. We develop those qualities in our students, so that when they graduate, they will be ready for the future.”

The campus is informed by the work of one of the leading futurists in educational technology, David Thornburg, who identified four archetypal learning spaces – campfire, cave, watering hole (village well), and mountaintop. These spaces work together to boost learning outcomes.  Discussions can be taken outside the classroom. Students gather in small groups to collaborate and share ideas. This gives them the chance to get to grips with complex ideas while learning to collaborate and build relationships. Throughout the campus, quiet spaces are set aside for contemplation and independent learning, so that when the class gathers again as a group, students would have had the opportunity to reflect on material and gain deeper insight. This approach helps prepare young people not just for university life, but for the real world and beyond.

Unique elements of the Charterhouse experience for student development include the Spectra Smarts intelligence-based approach to personal development, the integration of design thinking into the curriculum, and the empowerment of the student voice through the Charterhouse Forum.

“We recognise that human intelligence is broad; it is not limited to academic intelligence, but includes social and emotional intelligence, as well as the ability to think deeply and evaluate that thinking, grasp new situations quickly, and most importantly, be able to assess personal abilities. At Charterhouse, we also believe very strongly in treating our teenagers as young adults.  Excessive rules create a tense environment which teenagers are more likely to rebel against; therefore, our approach is to inculcate respect and responsibility, without the need for excessive or petty guidelines that stifle action,” Davidson added.

Charterhouse Malaysia is located in the heart of Sri Hartamas and surrounded by the premium residential areas of Mont Kiara, Solaris and Publika, close to the centre of Kuala Lumpur. The Charterhouse International Secondary School city campus is a blend of the traditional and the contemporary; where history meets the present and anticipates the future. The atmosphere is one where collegiality and a sense of adventure come to the forefront.  Admissions are now open for A Level and IGCSE students.

For more information, please visit or to schedule a walk-through or tour of the Charterhouse campus, please telephone +603-2702 5270.

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