Optimism, Innovation, Boldness And Sustainability Of California Wines

Abundant rays of sunshine coupled with cool coastal breezes, soil and climate enables a long grape growing season that is perfect for creating complex varieties and unique, expressive blends of...
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California has long been known for high-quality wines of distinctive character represented in over 100 grape varieties. The abundant rays of sunshine coupled with cool coastal breezes, soil and climate enable a long grape growing season that is perfect for creating complex varieties and unique, expressive blends of wine. The California wine regions are made up of the North Coast, Central Coast, Sierra Foothills, Inland Valleys, Southern California and Far North California. Together they produce 81 per cent of world-renowned quality United States wine.

California is also home to one of the world’s most widely adopted sustainable wine-growing programs in terms of both grape acreage and case production. Additionally, 80 per cent of California’s wine is produced in a Certified California Sustainable Winery, demonstrating the deep commitment the state has to sustainability in the wine industry. As the fourth largest wine-producing region in the world, the state’s dedication to the cause, means protecting the environment, being a good neighbour and employer while producing high quality grapes and wines.

Californian wines entered the Malaysian market 30 years ago and has since demonstrated a strong presence in top restaurants and retailers here. This month, an exclusive wine tasting preview of 45 new California wines was introduced at the residence of the US Ambassador to Malaysia.

Timothy Harrison

US Ambassador, Brian McFeeters (right) with Timothy Harrison, Regional Agricultural Attache with the US Embassy

 “It is wonderful to see the growing interest in the Malaysian wine market from such a wide range of California wineries,” said Ambassador Brian McFeeters. “Each winery has a great story to tell about the quality and culture surrounding their winemaking. By introducing these 45 wines today, we hope to find Malaysian partners who can help make them available here and continue sharing those stories.”

Organised by the California Wine Institute, the “Global State of Mind’ campaign was introduced together with a vibrant new look and logo, and a tagline, “As Alive as the Place They’re Grown.”

California Wine

Following the challenges of 2020, the “Golden State of Mind” campaign is timed to position California wineries for growth as global markets begin to ramp back up. The campaign also positions California Wine as a leader in sustainable winegrowing, innovation, and winemaking advancements while promoting the commitment, spirit and innovation of generations of family farmers and winemakers in producing high-quality wines.

Christopher Beros, Asia Director at California Wine Institute, said, “California wineries are seeking new opportunities to connect with a broader audience of wine consumers and to reach both established and emerging wine drinkers as well as those eager to expand their choices and discover new wines. Indeed, California Wines are as approachable as the people of California and share the same energy, dynamism and freshness as our lifestyle.”

“With the ever-increasing awareness of winemaking processes, and consumers being more mindful about the origins of the wines they are enjoying, it is more crucial than ever to reinforce the objectives of California Wines, particularly the sustainability efforts,” added Beros.

The amazing variety of California wine can be viewed here.

More information on wine making sustainability efforts can be found here.

Source: Discover California Wines

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