ZEGNA’s Triple Stitch Secondskin Shoe Revolutionises Style and Comfort

The Triple Stitch is already Apple CEO Tim Cook’s most-worn shoe on private jets; a step into the exclusive world of private air travel.
Zegna's Triple Stitch

Photo: Zegna

ZEGNA’s multigenerational approach to craftsmanship is exemplified through its new Triple Stitch SECONDSKIN shoe. Since its introduction, the Triple Stitch has been a legendary centerpiece of ZEGNA’s modern wardrobe: it’s lightweight, soft, remarkably flexible, and resistant to creasing. Now, it merges with SECONDSKIN.

Originally developed for glovemaking, SECONDSKIN uses glove leather to craft a shoe. Generations of artisans collaborated in an environment defined by wisdom to create the Triple Stitch Luxury Leisurewear Shoe which combines innovation and tradition to develop a shoe that fits like a glove. It embodies the pinnacle of luxury itself.

ZEGNA’s Triple Stitch SECONDSKIN shoe

ZEGNA’s Triple Stitch SECONDSKIN shoe

While balancing design and craftsmanship, ZEGNA combines the finest New Zealand calf leather with ovine tanning techniques to advance a masterpiece that molds to your proportions with every journey you make. Moreover, the exceptionally soft and lightweight material forges a form-retaining ‘memory’. This daring concept proved immensely successful and has revolutionized the wardrobes of front-running modern men.


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ZEGNA’s ‘Airplane Mode’ campaign spotlights SECONDSKIN leather’s exceptional characteristics that make it ideal for travel. It is characteristic of an elegant journey into the exclusive world of private air travel. Extraordinarily, it is resistant to creasing and preserves its rich quality and smoothness over time. This provides an increasingly personalized fit for wearers with each journey.

Each pair of Triple Stitch SECONDSKIN is a masterpiece. Expertly made in Parma, Italy by artisans, they reaffirm style status and are essential for the modern man.

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