Zegna’s Commitment to Responsible Sourcing

Zegna, a company with over 110 years of excellence and innovation, continues to pave the way towards a sustainable and responsible future.

As part of their commitment to responsible sourcing, Zegna introduces the Oasi Cashmere collection. With the goal of having the cashmere fiber fully traceable by 2024. With a vertically integrated business model, the nbrand takes us on a journey from goat to garment. Showcasing their deep values and commitment to sustainability.


The Oasi Zegna Vision

At the core of Zegna’s ethos lies the Oasi Zegna, a unique model of societal and environmental consciousness envisioned by the founder. This set of values promotes harmony between man, machine, and nature, past and present, belief and innovation, always keeping track of their roots while looking towards the future. With a commitment to excellence and a responsible soul, Zegna continues to invest in a culture of knowledge and social capital, creating connections and dialogue and producing values shared collectively and internationally.

The Birth of Oasi Cashmere

Following the same all-encompassing ethos of Oasi Zegna, Zegna introduces the Oasi Cashmere collection. With a passion for excellence and a love for the beauty of nature. Oasi Cashmere features tactile materiality and deep, engaging colours in fabrics. As part of their commitment to responsible sourcing and traceability. Zegna vows to use cashmere fiber in their whole collection and will be fully certified traceable by 2024.

Responsibility towards Community and Territory


The fashion house has always been committed to responsibility towards their community and territory. With the new launch acting as a monument to quality of life and attention to future generations. Oasi Cashmere embodies this commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing. With their vertically integrated business model allowing them to be accountable and responsible from start to finish. As an authentication of their commitment to traceability, Zegna includes a QR code in all their clothing, showing the entire journey of the Oasi Cashmere collection, from the cashmere farm to the stores.

Zegna:Putting Values Back in Circle


Oasi Cashmere is not only a quality that can be applied to cashmere but also a testament to Zegna’s deep values and commitment to sustainability. With Oasi Cashmere, Zegna intends to be a trademark of traceability and accountability. Moving towards responsibly sourced cashmere from remote farms in the world to innovative manufacturing in Italy. Oasi Cashmere is born in Oasi Zegna and embodies the humanistic values that inform Oasi Zegna. Giving back and caring for nature is a way to preserve the well-being of future generations and to create harmony between humankind and the environment.

The brand’s commitment to sustainability and responsibility shines through in the Oasi Cashmere collection. With a focus on traceability and accountability, Zegna takes us on a journey from goat to garment, showcasing their deep values and commitment to sustainability. Oasi Cashmere is a testament to Zegna’s commitment to a sustainable future, putting their values back in circle within the world.

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