The Richard Mille RM07-01 Looks To The Night Sky For Inspiration

For its latest take on the ladies’ RM 07-01, Richard Mille levels up to cosmic heights with gem-setting techniques.
by Charmian Leong

Richard Mille

Just because Richard Mille makes watches the way Formula 1 teams make cars — with plenty of high-tech materials and futuristic designs to enhance and complement performance — doesn’t mean the company doesn’t know how to dabble in elegance.

While the slender RM 07-01 ladies’ model has been draped in diamonds on multiple occasions since its launch in 2014, the new Intergalactic Collection takes Richard Mille’s gem-setting creativity to cosmic heights.

These four new versions of the RM 07-01 start with a black Carbon TPT case, a composite material the brand has long favoured for its robustness and distinctive pattern. Layers of carbon fibre are each woven together at a 45-degree angle before the whole thing is heated and pressed into a solid block, resulting in superior toughness.


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While that’s great for durability, it’s less than ideal for gem-setting, which traditionally relied on the malleability of precious metals to create prongs. Here, the case had to be drilled using diamond-bit milling tools to make space for the diamonds. Red-gold prongs secure the stones, and a generous sprinkling of decorative prongs adorn the case like stars.

Each reference varies slightly in design and diamond pattern. The Bright Night has a red-gold case band, whereas the other three have Carbon TPT ones. The Misty Night uses red-gold “pillars” in its case middle, as well as more red accents on the dial. The Starry Night is the only one with a Carbon TPT bracelet — a feat that took 13 months of development when it was introduced in 2019. Finally, the Dark Night is the subtlest of all, keeping its total diamond count to just 51 stones. In contrast, the Misty Night uses 251.


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What they all have in common is a dial centre made of Carbon TPT, an outer flange in carbon fibre, luminous hour markers and red-gold hands. Each is also driven by the CRMA2 automatic movement with a titanium mainplate and bridges, a free-sprung balance wheel, and a bidirectional, variable geometry rotor that optimises the winding motion based on your activity level.

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